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Micromax iOne Notch Display launched just for Rs 4,999 


Micromax on Friday launched the iOne smartphone in India. The phone comes with a notch display, an octa-core chipset, and is positioned under the Rs. 5,000 segment. The Micromax iOne packs a 2,200mAh battery, and a 5-megapixel at the front and at the back as well.

The phone is priced at Rs. 4,999 and is available in India starting today. The phone will go on sale in Black and Blue color options at least.

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Take charge of your financial management with these 5 free and awesome money apps

Finance management could be a tough task for many people and estimating total monthly expenses or budget planning could be a daunting task for them. Such people can now use friendly mobile apps to confidently manage their financial affairs without going through mathematical calculations or manually maintaining the detailed expenditure records. In this blog we are going to discuss some useful apps to meet the specific needs and different objectives of the people:


Good Budget
If you are looking of a simple app without overwhelming options then Good budget could be the best option for you.

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Baseus Chinese Mobile accessory brand enters Indian market

Baseus world has entered the Indian mobile market and offers. The company has unleashed a diverse array of accessories in the Indian mobile market.

USPs of Baseus
One of the major USPs of this product range is the fine balance between comfort and design. For instance, its specially designed Encok S17 sports earphone are specifically designed in such a way that majority of people can comfortably wear it for long hours regardless of the size or shape of their ear/earlobes.

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Workplace chat apps: Productivity booster or just a nuisance? (With tips and precautions)

Communication plays a vital role in workplaces. Healthy and uninterrupted communication helps in building a good rapport among the team members and results in smooth team coordination that positively influence the work quality. The use of workplace communication apps have helped in improving the workplace communication. However, people are still divided on the relevance of these apps and many people think them to be a nuisance rather than a help. In this blog we arguing to discuss the issue with unbiased outlook to present the actual picture and help you decide whether these apps are a nuisance or help:


Advantages of Workplace apps
We will start by discussing the various advantages offered by workplace apps that help the business to grow:

Promotes accessibility and transparency
With the help of communication apps the top management layer and even CEOs have become more accessible to the junior or new executives which are a really good thing.

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