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Android Pie: What’s New in Android P ?

Everything you need to know about Android P/Android 9

Android Pie is the latest version of Android by Google which is also known as Android 9 which has been officially released on 6th August,18 by Google. According to Google CEO Sundar Pichai, Android P is described in three categories Digital well-being, intelligence, and simplicity.

As we all know android keeps on getting matured with every update. Let’s see if the pie made by Google tastes good or no ; )

All New Navigation System

Yes, you read it correct! The years-old stock android  Back, Home and Recent have been replaced with the gesture-based system which results in much faster navigation experience. It’s snappier and smooth to use.

If you are using it for the very first time it will be a little inconvenient, as we are used to the old 3 button navigation system, but once you get a hold of it, it’s much easier than it ever had been to navigate through the apps and jump from one app to another.

The new slider has been inserted to slides through the background/recent apps. which is a very sleek move by Google. It is fast and convenient.

NOTE: When you update to Andoird Pie, the old stock button navigation system will be there by default. You will need to tweak the settings to get the Gesture Navigation system.

To activate the Gesture Navigation system goto Settings >>> System >>> Gestures >>> Swipe up on Home button.

Google has done the best thing by giving an option to use both the Button or Gesture navigation system. If you don’t like the new Gesture Navigation system, you can simply go back to the buttons navigations system. They have given you the power to choose 🙂  That’s awesome! Google, Smart move.

Intuitive and Colorful Interface

There is no drastic change in the UI as compared to Oreo but small changes which makes the UI more attractive and clean.

List of the changes:

  1. Colorful icons in Settings
  2. A small setting icon when sliding down the notification panel.
  3. Color turns blue when the Bluetooth or Wifi is switched on or any other settings like Auto rotate.
  4. The change in a brightness slider behavior.
  5. A date now is shown below the time in while you slide down the notification panel.
  6.  Smaller Quick setting icon.
  7. color animation while setting up a fingerprint.
  8. 157 new Emojis 🙂
  9. New animation while closing an app.
  10. ‘Clear all’ button in recent apps screen is back!



Adaptive Battery Mode


Google has endeavored harder to maximize your phone’s battery life with Android P’s Adaptive battery mode. Adaptive battery mode will optimize your usage and will adapt, as per that it will restrict the apps which eat up your battery in the background. It will stop the app which you do not use frequently and which unnecessary uses the battery.  The best part is, it gets better and better the more you use, as it is a machine learning (adaptive artificial intelligence).

Overall, Google has done the best job of developing an Android P/Android 9. It is smoother, faster and user-friendly. So it is concluded, the Pie is really tasty.

You can update to Android P if you haven’t because there is no reason why you should not.

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