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Vivo V11 Pro: Review

Vivo V11 Pro:





Vivo had launched Vivo V9 earlier this year, and after six months Vivo has produced a new device on the market which is called Vivo V11 Pro! Now isn’t that fast enough to bring a new device to the market? By looking at the Vivo V11 pro, we can say that Vivo has tried to fit the good mixture of specs and design of a flagship phone in a mid-range price bracket! Vivo is priced at Rs 25,990/- 

Let’s see what is the Vivo V11 pro is made of!


Vivo V11 Pro Features and Specification:

  • Display: 6.41-inch (19.5:9), FHD+ (2280 x 1080 pixel) display, AMOLED
  • Processor: 2.2Ghz octa-core Snapdragon 660
  • RAM: 6GB
  • Internal Storage: 64GB, expandable to 256GB (Dedicated card slot)
  • Selfie Camera: 25MP along with AI beauty
  • Rear Camera: 12MP + 5MP, f/2.0 aperture lens, dual-tone LED flash, 4k video
  • Battery: 3400mAh with fast charging


Design, looks, and Bluid:

For the price tag of Rs 25,990, the phone looks pretty amazing. The phone looks stunning because of its screen. The front of the phone has a phenomenal 6.4inch screen which uses OLED panel.  Despite having 6.4-inch display the phone is pretty manageable and handy. The phone looks like it is made up of glass, but it is all plastic. The side frame that has all the buttons and ports is made of metal. On the front, the bottom bezels are even narrower and the new water-drop notch at the top leaves almost all of the status bar for use. Yes, it comes with the smallest notch in the market and it adds up pretty well with the display. The waterdrop notch it is for Vivo V11 Pro which ups the game in terms of looks. The earpiece is also placed in a way that it’s not visible unless you look for it. It sits right above the top bezel giving a clean and neat look to the front of the phone. Overall, when you see Vivo V11 Pro for the first time, the front of the phone will not fail to impress you with its design.



  • The Vivo V11 Pro feels quite compact for a phone with a 6.4-inch screen.
  • The phone looks elegant, feels sleek and is very comfortable to operate.
  • The almost full-view fascia with narrow bezels gives a premium feel to the phone.
  • The audio jack and speaker grill are present on the bottom edge. However, the Vivo V11 Pro is missing the Stereo speakers.
  • As always, Vivo bundles a good quality case and includes a good quality pre-fixed plastic screen protector within the box. Now that’s a small addon, but very useful for buyers.



V11 Pro is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 660 processor and is paired with 6GB RAM and 64GB internal storage. Let’s talk about the performance of this Device. The phone comes with a dedicated gaming mode for the better gaming experience. Dual engine fast charging allows the phone to quickly charge the phone.



In our opinion when we got the hands-on Vivo V11 Pro, Performance is another area where the Vivo V11 Pro scores high. The performance is blazing smooth. Run WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and several other apps together and the V11 Pro will still run smoothly. The smartphone doesn’t show any visible lag or stutter, whether you are shifting between apps or scrolling through a Facebook news feed or playing graphics-heavy games like Asphalt 8. Thanks to the Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 660 processor which makes the performance smooth and efficient enough for the usage. RAM management isn’t overly excessive and the mobile platform also supports 2018 essentials like Dual 4G VoLTE.



The software in the Vivo V11 Pro has elements that are a direct copy of an iPhone. This means there is no regular app drawer, similar to what you get in the most Android phones. The quick action buttons, which sit in the notification shade in most Android phones, have to be accessed in the Vivo V11 Pro by swiping up on from the bottom edge of the screen, similar to how it is done on an iPhone or you can say in Google Pixel Android P.

There are even apps like iMusic, a music player from probably Vivo, preinstalled on the phone. The V11 Pro comes pre-loaded with several apps from Google like the Google Lens, Google Duo, and other third-party apps like NewsPoint, UC Browser, Amazon Shopping app, PhonePe, among others. Some of the apps can be deleted from the phone, while some can’t be uninstalled, which is pretty annoying.


In-display fingerprint sensor and face unlock:

Vivo V11 Pro comes with an optical fingerprint sensor hidden beneath the display, V11Pro’s In-Display Fingerprint Scanning technology can accurately identify you. Eliminating the visible fingerprint pad results in a beautiful design, seamless from top to bottom, with effortless unlocking capabilities and a striking, futuristic feel.



Vivo says the in-display fingerprint sensor makes it easier and faster to unlock the phone. Vivo V11 Pro in-display fingerprint sensor is said to be 50% faster than on Vivo Nex’s. The accuracy and consistency still can’t match what you’d get from a conventional capacitive fingerprint sensor. The Face Unlock is blazing fast and is also aided by an IR laser. The Face Unlock consistency and performance is equally remarkable in low light and even in pitch dark.



After taking the camera on the short test, we can say that Vivo V11 Pro certainly has one of the high-grade cameras for its price.



There is a 12MP primary rear camera with f/1.8 aperture lens, PDAF, and large size pixels. And a 5MP depth sensor with f/2.4 aperture lens. On the front, there is a 25MP selfie camera sensor housed within the notch. In good light, the V11 Pro clicks clear and detailed pictures. It captures good colors too. But the dynamic range, however, could have been better. There is no shutter lag on the rear camera. The Portrait mode on the phone is not that impressive, but it does the decent job. If you’re someone who uses apps like BeautyPlus to add filters to selfies, you’ll love the V11 Pro. But if you want to click the natural face, you may find the beauty filters an annoyance. The front camera also comes with several modes likes group selfie, professional, AI stickers, selfie lighting, among others. Overall the camera performance is pretty impressive to us and it does the job excellently. We love the camera on Vivo V11 Pro.


Battery Life:

The Vivo V11 Pro comes with a 3400mAh battery and it also supports the fast charging. The V11 Pro can last one full day on a single charge. In our extended usage, we rarely had to bother about the battery running out. Vivo calls the technology “dual-engine charger” The dual engine fast charge can top up the battery quickly. The bundled charger charges about 70% battery in the Vivo V11 Pro in 30 minutes. So Overall the battery experience is great on the phone even after the high usage over the day, we had noticed the battery was on 29% at the end of the day.


Should you consider buying Vivo V11 Pro?

Let’s see the pros and Cons:


  • The in-display fingerprint sensor and fast face unlock
  • Outstanding Camera performance
  • Vibrant and 6.41-inch (19.5:9), FHD+ (2280 x 1080 pixel) display, AMOLED
  • Dedicated Card Slot
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Premium design
  • Dual 4G VoLTE
  • Massive battery


  • No USB Type-C port
  • Cluttered software: The software needs to be worked on


After looking into the pros & cons, I am sure you have your answer. YES, you should buy Vivo V11 Pro as it is an all rounder phone considering the price tag and what all it brings along with it.

Let us know what is your take on Vivo V11 Pro in the comments.


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