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Here is How you can Switch Data from iPhone to OnePlus! (Test Version)

Part 1. What can OnePlus Switch do?

You can bring all your treasured memories such as your photos, messages, videos, contacts and more to your new phone without having to connect to the internet while migrating your data. You can get the migration speed of 5G network while doing the same. However, due to restrictions on access on the iPhone, only contact, messages, images and videos can be migrated.


Part 2. Where can I find OnePlus Switch?

To use the OnePlus Switch’s function, please install OnePlus Switch in your iPhone and OnePlus device.

  • On your OnePlus device, download [OnePlus Switch Android version V2.2.0], install in your OnePlus device. Once done you can find it in your app drawer.
  • On your iPhone, download [OnePlus Switch iOS version:] and install in your iPhone. Please note that after the installation is complete. Open Settings to follow the below steps:
  1. Click “General”;
  2. Find “Device Management”;
  3. Choose the “Gemstones and Diamonds Exchange sro” and trust it. (Trusting the developer is just to get the permission to use the app. Your data is safe and won’t be leaked)


Part 3. How do I use it?
Open OnePlus Switch app in your OnePlus device

  • Choose “I’m a new phone” (Only OnePlus 3 and the above models can be the receiving devices as a new phone.) ;
  • Select your old device as iPhone;
  • Click “CONTINUE” and you will get a Network name and Password of the hotspot for you to connect to your iPhone.


Open OnePlus Switch app in your iPhone

  • Choose “I’m an old Phone”;
  • Click “Connect” button;
  • Go to “Wi-Fi”, find the network name shown in the OnePlus device and enter the password to connect the hotspot;
  • Go back to OnePlus Switch after connecting;
  • Select the data you want to migrate and click on “Start”.



  1. We suggest keeping OnePlus Switch open during the whole process for data integrity;
  2. If there is a lot of data on the phone which is being transferred, the switch app may remain at the prompt connection interface after returning and wait for a moment to automatically jump to the Apple phone.


iPhone: the sending device


OnePlus device: the receiving device

Part 4. Notes

  • For now, OnePlus Switch iOS version is only suitable for iPhone5 and the above models with iOS9 and the above versions;
  • Before the migration, some popups will appear to let the app obtain the permission, which is required for the complete transmission of data. The whole migration process will be carried out through mobile hotspots, and the user data will not be transmitted to any server;
  • OnePlus Switch Android version V2.2.0 is a beta version. If you meet some problems while using, you can uninstall the app and reinstall it, then try again.
  • If you didn’t transfer all your data the first time, don’t worry, OnePlus Switch stores the status of data transfer, and you can continue to migrate the rest of the data later on;

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