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Instagram adds a new option to turn off notifications

Yes, you read that right. Facebook-owned photo-messaging app Instagram is giving users more control over their notifications by rolling out an option that would mute app notifications for a chosen period of time more like WhatsApp’s mute feature.

The feature is Called ‘Pause All’, the feature would switch off notifications for anywhere up to eight hours, Social Media Today reported on Wednesday. You can “Enable” the ‘Pause All’ under Instagram >>> Setting >>> Notification >>> Pause All. (If you do not see the ‘Pause All’ option, update your Instagram)

The option was spotted by social media expert Matt Navarra who initially spotted the same in testing last month. Given the amount of time we now spend on social media, it’s good to have an option to shut it down completely every now and then,” the report said.

Instagram is particularly well-known for driving obsessive behavior among younger users. Being able to shut it off for periods will help people distance themselves from the online world,” the report added.

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