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Xiaomi is trying to set 18 months warranty trend instead of 12 months!

Lei Jun, Xiaomi’s founder & CEO have spoken in an event recently in China where he disclosed some of the company’s plans for the future. Lei Jun shared some details about Xiaomi’s envisioning of 5G networks, Artificial Intelligence, and the Internet of Things. These three key segments will constitute the future Super Internet and Xiaomi’s is pretty aware of this fact with the continuous development of its AioT. The CEO of Xiaomi reportedly said that Xiaomi wants to set a new trend in the mobile industry by offering 18-month of warranty for its smartphones as a standard.

The smartphone that came with this new policy was the Redmi Note 7, offering 18 months of warranty rather than the usual 12 months from previous Xiaomi smartphones. Xiaomi teased that users who purchase the midrange offering would get these 18-months of warranty even though the handset was advertised in January with a strong build.

Xiaomi wants to go extra by assuring that all its upcoming handsets get this 18-month warranty as a standard. In order to achieve this, and to put some pressure over its competitors, the company will take it’s quality’s assurance committee will pilot an 18-month quality assurance system in the phone industry during this year. Now, that’s a brave & game changer move in the mobile phone industry. This apparent plan may be connected to Xiaomi’s intentions to increase its focus on higher ends of the smartphone market going forward. An extra 6 months’ worth of warranty could help build value in this space.

After this move, will other companies jump in Xiaomi’s bandwagon by offering the same 18-month warranty service? What are your thoughts? let us know in the comments below.

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