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YouTube’s Picture-in-Picture Mode is Heading Out to Non-Premium Members Worldwide


Do you know that cool feature that lets you watch videos while you’re using other apps? It’s called picture-in-picture (PiP) and YouTube is making it available to all Android users free of charge.

YouTube Premium has introduced a whole wealth of features that have helped ensure some sort of parity between the desktop and mobile experience. Most of that parity is ensured for mobile users globally via a monthly fee, but one core feature in the form of picture-in-picture for YouTube Mobile was only recently made available to free users in the US. Well, that is until now, as this feature is reportedly rolling out beyond US borders to users worldwide reports Android Police.

We’re sure that picture-in-picture mode will be welcomed by the millions globally who want to watch or listen when browsing or scrolling through other apps. The YouTube miniplayer simply hovers on your homescreen and can be moved, manipulated and managed simply by tapping or holding the floating video.

Google now sees the light. In fact, Google’s own help pages have been updated to reflect the change.

A PiP toggle is available in the Settings section of the YouTube app, complete with instructions on how to use the feature on your device. All you have to do after enabling the mode is to tap the home button while watching a YouTube video. A miniature player will appear on top of other apps so you can continue to enjoy your video while doing something else. If you want to resume the full YouTube experience, just double-tap the PiP window. Drag the video window to the bottom of the screen to kill video playback completely.

At present, the Google support page for picture-in-picture mode does little to confirm the worldwide rollout to free users beyond US borders, but several reports have been shared by users who are seeing the feature in places like Italy.

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