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Sony Xperia 20 Here is what you should know


Sony is soon going to launch a new Smartphone that would be named Sony Xperia20. While the phone is not yet been launched officially, we do have some experts’ predictions regarding its features and expected user experience. Here we are sharing some of the expected specifications of Xperia20 as per the experts’ predictions.


Key features weight and dimensions

As for the key features,

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Made in India Mobile phones: Are they really performing their best?

During the recent years, the number of smartphone users in India has been multiplying at a very fast rate making it one of the biggest markets for smartphones. Besides, the new government’s endeavors to encourage the Indian brands and businesses to manufacture products in India as also played a vital role in increasing the number of Make in India Phones. It has also attracted the pioneer phone manufacturing technology brands to look at India as the best place to start their operations.

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5 most expensive phones of the world that can only be afforded by super-rich

Mobile has become a common utility across the globe but at one point of time, it was counted as a piece of luxury that was also used as a status symbol. Sporting a mobile phone was a way to flaunt your distinct status. Did you know that the mobile phone can still be used by the super-rich to exhibit their riches? Yes, there are luxurious mobile phones that can only be afforded by a handful of super-rich people in the world.

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New Launches: Nubia Z20 flagship smartphone to launched this month



Nubia Z20, the latest Smartphone model of Nubia promises to take the Smartphone experience to the new level by offering premium functionality, exquisite design and a better user experience.Nubia is a Chinese smartphone manufacturer with a solid reputation.

Presently the phone is available in China but it will still take one more month before it hits the international market.

Specifications- Storage,

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These 15 Android Apps will help you get the best out of your Android phone

Your Android phone allows you to customize your experience by installing various useful apps that perfectly cater to your specific needs. Right from enhancing your productivity to fine-tuning your phone to your aesthetic preferences, there are several ways in which the apps can help you to extend your overall capabilities and enjoy a premium experience on your basic Android phone device. In this blog, we are going to present you a wide list of s many as 15 best android apps that can enhance your productivity,

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Moto E6 budget smartphone launched: Read review, pros and cons

Motorola has introduced its budget-friendly phone that is available at a reasonable price of $149.99. While the Apart from a few slight changes, there isn’t any significant modification or improvement in the design or features when compared to its predecessor Moto E5.

In the US it is being traded through Verizon but the company intends to extend the number of vending partners in the near future and you would be able to get it through Boost Mobile US Cellular and of course,

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10 Best Tricks and hidden features of Xiaomi Redmi 5 for the pro-experience

Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 5 and Redmi Note 5 Pro are comparatively affordable models that come with the excellent features, premium specification and an exquisite design. However, many users are not able to take the full advantage of the advanced features of Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 as they are not aware of many of its useful features and functions. In this informative blog we are going to mentions some of the hidden and highly useful features of your favourite device that would further enrich your experience:

Move several apps at the same time
Did you know that you can easily tidy up the display of your Redmi 5 mobile to quickly spot your favorite elements?

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LG has recently launched its W-series smartphone that is strategically designed to suit the needs of the Indian mobile market. The company has rolled out two models in the W-series. LGW10 perfectly satisfies the needs of the basic Smartphone users and the LGW30 is designed for the advanced user with more specific requirements. The premium design, advanced features, and economical prices make LGW 30 an apt choice for smartphone users who are looking for a sophisticated smartphone at reasonable prices.

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6 most alarming mobile security threats that you cannot neglect

In recent years the number of mobile users has grown significantly and we are still experiencing a steady increase. Along with several advantages, it has also resulted in security threats. Every year a large number of mobiles are hacked or infected by the viruses/malicious bots to steal the sensitive information like bank account details, credit card number, or social security number. This information is used for stealing a large amount of cash, trading the information to the corporate competitors or other malicious purposes.

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