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5 most expensive phones of the world that can only be afforded by super-rich

5 most expensive phones of the world that can only be afforded by super-rich

Mobile has become a common utility across the globe but at one point of time, it was counted as a piece of luxury that was also used as a status symbol. Sporting a mobile phone was a way to flaunt your distinct status. Did you know that the mobile phone can still be used by the super-rich to exhibit their riches? Yes, there are luxurious mobile phones that can only be afforded by a handful of super-rich people in the world. The price of even a single unit of these luxurious mobile phones can be much more than the amount what we need to comfortably lead our entire life! In this blog, we are going to mention the 5 most expensive mobile phones in the world:

Most Expensive Phones of the world.

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Goldstriker iPhone 3GS Supreme
Price: $3,200,000 or INR 230,213,440
This absolute masterpiece of beauty is luxuriously designed by Stuart Hughes- the celebrated designer. Adequately coated with 22 carat gold weighing around 271 grams and sporting as many as 200 diamonds the Goldstriker iPhone perfectly symbolizes grace and luxury. Two things further accentuate its distinct appeal- an Apple logo made with 53 gems on the back panel and the 7.1 Carat diamond-encrusted Home Button.

Diamond Crypto

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Diamond Crypto Smartphone
Price: 1,300,000 or INR 93,524,210
Designed by JSC Ancort, the Diamond Crypto Smartphone perfectly justifies its name by sporting as many as 8 blue diamonds of rarest variety. It is worth mentioning that there are 50 exquisite diamonds used in this phone that give it an ultra-luxurious appeal. Furthermore, 18 carat Rose Gold used in the company’s logo and navigation button offer a perfect finishing touch to its glory.

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GoldVish Le Million
Price: 1,300,000 or INR 93,524,210
Built with 18 carats white Gold the opulence of GoldVish is further emphasized by the beautiful arrangement of stunning VVS1 diamonds. The phone is so thoughtfully designed that it effortlessly exudes luxury without those extravagant looks. It can certainly be called a perfect masterpiece of subtle luxury that leaves an everlasting impression.

Vertu Signature Cobra

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Vertu Signature Cobra
Price: $360,000 or INR 25,899,012
A brainchild of the famous French jeweler Boucheron the Vertu Signature Cobra is another Magnum Opus that holds a unique spot in this list due to its very limited availability. There, are only 8 units of Vertu Cobra phone on this entire planet! Another unique aspect of the phone is its design. True to its name the phone sports a Cobra made with 439 rubies of pure quality, 2 premium-quality diamonds, and 2 emeralds. It makes the phone a perfect opulent gift for the ultra-rich.

iPhone Princess

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iPhone Princess Plus
USD 176,400 or INR 12,690,515
iPhone Princess Plus is made with the gold base and sports as many as 318 diamonds of different weight with the minimum weigh starting at 16.6 carats. Along with the precious material the phone is also valued for its superior design and wise use of aesthetics. It was laboriously crafted by Peter Aloisson the highly celebrated designer from Austria.


The luxurious mobile phones are distinguished by the use of precious metals and stones along with the stunning designer appeal crafted by the celebrated artists. These phones are used by the ultra-rich population of the world to flaunt their riches and enjoy a distinct status in society. Some of these models are available in a very limited quantity that further adds to their uniqueness.

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