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Made in India Mobile phones: Are they really performing their best?

Made in India Mobile phones: Are they really performing their best?

During the recent years, the number of smartphone users in India has been multiplying at a very fast rate making it one of the biggest markets for smartphones. Besides, the new government’s endeavors to encourage the Indian brands and businesses to manufacture products in India as also played a vital role in increasing the number of Make in India Phones. It has also attracted the pioneer phone manufacturing technology brands to look at India as the best place to start their operations. Based on the reliability, usability and brand value we have compiled a list of 5 best made-in-India phones that you can trust:

Xiaomi Redmi

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Xiaomi offers a wide portfolio of affordable smartphones with decent features. Its Note series has been a particular hit among the middle-income group and the company has been actively following a progressive curve by introducing newer versions with improved features. One thing that distinguishes Redmi Note from other affordable models is that it never compromises on the quality or features just to bring down the prices.

Along with the powerful Operating System, you would also get a design to be proud of and a metal build of decently good quality. Dual camera and extended features allow you to employ the premium phone experience at the pocket-friendly prices!

Xiaomi partners with Noida’s firm Hipad Technology to assemble its power banks and Smartphones. Along with that the company also owns three more plants for smartphones across Sri City Andhra Pradesh and Sripermumbudur, Tamil Nadu. The company has partnered with the technology firm Foxconn for running these three plants.


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 Nokia might not be in its best shape in the present times. However, it continues the business. As opposed to the above mentioned 2 brands the Nokia’s prime focus is on basic usability.

Nokia makes the best choice if you are looking for easy to use phones that allow you to make quick calls without overwhelming you with tons of features or options. Keeping advanced users in the mind the company does offers some extra features to save them from disappointment.

The materials have always been the strong point of Nokia and you can fully rely on the tough, weatherproof materials used for manufacturing Nokia phone that not only save it from damages but also retains its new look for a longer period. Nokia 2 I made with a polycarbonate e material.

Nokia is also manufactured near Chennai by Foxconn.

Honor Phone

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Honor is another reliable made in India Smartphone with a history of providing NexGen phones at down to earth prices. The company has gone that extra mile by offering edge technology to its clients.

By wisely using the AI the company has designed user-friendly features that save time and efforts while increasing the output through automation. Traditional long processes have been smartly compressed into quick simple steps. You would get a dual setup camera at both front and the back You would also appreciate its full HD+ display, commendable design, premium features, and the rugged build material.

It is manufactured in Sripreumbidir in the Fiex’s plan


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At one point of time, the Blackberry was considered as a status symbol. The company has certainly lost its past glory but it continues to offer reliable, experience with better utility criteria to its buyers.

Last year the company introduce Evolve and Evolve x that is specially designed for the working professionals and corporate clients for whom the maters like quick typing, better security, and easy accessibility are more important than the wide array of apps, or media functionalities.

These models would certainly help you a great deal at your workplace. These two models of Blackberry are manufactured in Noida at Optiemus Infracom.

Moto G5 Plus

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Another phone model that is more suited to the needs of budget shoppers with basic requirements is Moto G5/G5 plus. Just like Nokia it also emphasizes more on the utility features rather than stuffing too many features.

Along with user-friendly interface and fully functional design, the Moto also offers the basic media features like dual camera setup.

Moto phones are assembled I Chennai at the Fiex’s facility.

Jio Phone

One of the most loved phone brands for the budget shoppers with advanced requirements is Jio Phone. A product of the leading brand Reliance, the Jio phones are manufactured to offer a wide array of premium features that promise to turn a budget phone into a full-fledged digital entertainment paradise.

The company is a pioneer in offering reliable data availability and better connectivity experience at the most affordable data plans. After creating history with its Jio 4G and VoltE services, the company has been constantly offering the better, more advanced experience to the users with its newer ad better mobile devices/features. 


With an increasing number of smartphone users in India along with encouraging policies by the Indian government has improved the chances of growth of the make in India smartphones. Several reliable smartphone brands are manufacturing affordable yet power-packed phone models without compromising on quality or durability. Depending upon your needs and budget you can select the best made in India phone from the list we have presented in this blog.


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