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Sony Xperia 20 Here is what you should know

Sony Xperia 20 Here is what you should know


Sony is soon going to launch a new Smartphone that would be named Sony Xperia20. While the phone is not yet been launched officially, we do have some experts’ predictions regarding its features and expected user experience. Here we are sharing some of the expected specifications of Xperia20 as per the experts’ predictions.


Key features weight and dimensions

As for the key features, the Sony Xperia would run on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 SoC and have a 6-inch Display (FHD+ resolution). Its aspect ratio would be 21:9.

The weight of the phone is yet to be confirmed but its dimensions will be 158 X 69 X 8.1 mm. It will come as a SIM-free phone and the official launching is believed to take place in September. The phone will come with a 3500mAH battery with a fast-charging capacity.


RAM and Storage

It is believed to be available in 4GB RAM and 6 GB RAM. The former will have the total storage capacity of 64 GB while the latter will have a 128 GB storage capacity.



The phone would offer a dual primary camera each having a 12 MP sensor. It would have a single camera on its front for which the resolution is not yet confirmed.


User Experience

The strong processor would facilitate quicker and better operations that would enrich the users’ experience. You won’t find the choppy performance while working with multiple applications. Likewise, the quick charging capacity would be a major advantage for the users.


Availability in India

One major thing to mention here is that the company is has stopped selling smartphones in India in its bid to compress its smartphone business. Hence, there is a strong proof to believe that the Sony Xperia 20 won’t be available in the Indian mobile market.

Expected Price

The phone is estimated to be available at the starting price of 24,990 INR

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