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Top 5 reliable security apps to protect your device from adware

Top 5 reliable security apps to protect your device from adware

The fresh incident of a Google Playstore certified app facilitating adware due to malicious ad SDK attracted huge attention in the mobile industry. It shows the acute need to install powerful antivirus in your mobile that is equipped with reliable adware detection and removal capabilities. The adware can not only be irritable and interrupts the smooth functioning, but it can also compromise your data security or even enables hackers to efficiently misuse your most crucial data by automating in-app purchases or transfers. So, we have compiled the list of 5 carefully selected security apps that can offer you the maximum security against adware and secures your crucial data:


Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus
Kaspersky is a highly respected name in the field of mobile security and it comes loaded with in-depth capabilities to ensure the best security of your device against malware, viruses, and adware. The app has a fine array of functions to monitor, block and delete the malware of different types. Its heavy-duty performance and professional excellence make it a great asset for data security.

Features and USP

  • Smart lock for apps
  • Virus protection
  • Security controls
  • Highly respected app with extensive capabilities and agile execution
  • Built for real-time capabilities to lock the security of your crucial data  

AVL for Android
AVL for Android is a highly competent app that is endowed with incisive detection power to drill deeper into any app and reveal even the wisely hidden adware. Low power consumption also makes it the best companion for your device. Its smart capabilities help keep even the most notorious and persistent adware at bay.  

Features and USP

  • Deep Scanning
  • Agile assistance
  • Smart task execution
  • Round the clock update services to fight off latest threats- up to the minute
  • Low battery consumption

Avast is a feature-rich app with dynamic capabilities to monitor and control multiple aspects including firewall and call blocker. One of its most useful features is distant-controlling capabilities that empower the users to delete their entire sensitive data even in the instances when they have lost their device and cannot physically access it. This feature can go a long way to bring down the instances of data-stealing from lost devices.

Features and USP

  • Powerful spam clearing capabilities
  • Competent firewall
  • Comprehensive capabilities
  • Distant data deletion capabilities 
  • Seamlessly identifies and deletes the malware
  • Offers in-depth key information about existing or newly installed apps

McAfee Security & Power Booster
McAfee is wisely endorsed with monitoring, prevention and curing functionalities to offer maximum multi-phase security against viruses or risky adware. It can instantly recognize the malicious or suspicious websites and throttles their access so that you don’t open them unknowingly. Its dynamic scanning capabilities can thoroughly scan and check the apps for any sensitive information that could be leaked or prone to being misused. 

Features and USP

  • High capability Security features
  • Anti spying capabilities
  • Prevents data theft
  • Offers distant data deletion capabilities if you lose the device
  • Blazing fast scanning speed for smooth functioning


Bitdefender Antivirus
Bitdefender is another dynamic antivirus app that is best suited for permanently removing the notorious adware. Its architecture and functioning ecosystem is specifically designed to save your device’s resources without compromising on the performance or security.

Features and USP

  • Smart identifying capabilities
  • Economical use of resources
  • Friendly controls
  • Agile execution
  • Lightweight
  • Automatic configuration
  • Instantly Scans pages in actual time for latest threats

Adware can automatically run the advertisements on your device without asking for permission. Along with interrupting the normal functionalities of your phone and frequently disturbing the important phone tasks, it can also expose your sensitive data to high risks. The best way to secure your device against adware is to install a reliable antivirus tool with strong adware removal capabilities that can instantly identify and permanently delete the adware before it can harm your device.


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