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Another bad player on PlayStore: CamScanner finally speaks up after being removed due to Trojan Dropper Malware

Another bad player on PlayStore: CamScanner finally speaks up after being removed due to Trojan Dropper Malware

CamScanner is a popular android app that enables you to scan the document through your phone camera and is widely used by the professionals for its reliable services and advanced features like easier options for scanning multiple pages, quality improvement, and smart photo cropping.


The alerting signs
However, the uncommon features started attracting the negative reviews that alerted the digital security organizations like Kapersky who were quick and sharp enough to dive deeper into the matter. The researchers found that CamScanner was using an ad library that housed Trojan-Dropper.AndroidOS.Necro.n- the technical name of the malicious element responsible for facilitating the malicious code execution by decrypting it when you run the app. Upon execution the affected android device can be misused to automatically charging for the paid subscriptions or frequently broadcasting unwanted ads along with other vested interests.

Timely report of the incident enabled Google to take quick action and remove the CamScanner.

What CamScanner has to say?
Camscanner acknowledged the presence of malware in its advertisement SDK in a specific version with the objective of unauthorized ad click generation. The company is all set to take strict action against the SDK provider Adhub for violating its security policy by injecting malicious code. 

AdHub- The main culprit behind the scenes?
Adhub is the vendor of the above mentioned advertisement SDK with malicious code and would probably face strict legal action for injecting malicious code- something that is in stark contrast against the CamScanner’s well-defined security policies. If we believe the company’s statements through checking proves that no document has been leaked during this incident.

After successfully removing uncertified ad SDKs the company is soon going to introduce a brand new version that would be available on its website.


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