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Baseus Chinese Mobile accessory brand enters Indian market

Baseus Chinese Mobile accessory brand enters Indian market

Baseus world has entered the Indian mobile market and offers. The company has unleashed a diverse array of accessories in the Indian mobile market.

USPs of Baseus
One of the major USPs of this product range is the fine balance between comfort and design. For instance, its specially designed Encok S17 sports earphone are specifically designed in such a way that majority of people can comfortably wear it for long hours regardless of the size or shape of their ear/earlobes. Priced at Rs. 3,999 these wireless sports earphones are powered by Alexa and come and come in an attractive design.

Looking at the features of the earphone we can certainly say that you would enjoy the best value of the prices this water-resistant earphone a work well with iOS as well as Android.

Need-based innovation is another quality of Basseus is that offers a distinct identity. For instance, its dual wireless charger enables you to charge your Smartphone even on the go while traveling or at any place where electricity is not available. Additionally, it also allows you to simultaneously charge multiple devices (depending upon specifications. requirements) like an Apple watch and a Smartphone. Its digital display power station is another such product that can easily charge your laptop (Type C port/other devices with similar compatibility) with 33W power that’s decent capacity.

Brand Objectives
As per the excerpts from its general manager Vivian Wang, the Baseus is seriously focused on making a strong presence in the Indian mobile market by offering premium grade products at reasonable prices and reliable quality. The company is also particular about the designs and material of its products offer them a distinct visual appeal It offers beautiful and user-friendly, designs o diverse users like athletes, fitness enthusiast and technically driven youth, among others.

The company also intends to introduce a wide array of home and car accessories segments driven by utility and offering purpose-specific benefits. It includes travel chargers, smart hubs, smart home lamps car purifies docking station and others.

What makes India a good market for Basseus?
One thing to be highlighted here s that India still doesn’t have an organized market for the branded mobile accessories which makes it an interesting market for the company. With the right strategies and India friendly products, the company can tap the maximum market potential before other players step in. By 2020 the company’s objectives are to acquire a fairly decent share of 5-7 % of the market. It has also started talks with Telecare Network India for distributing and marketing its products in the country.

Market penetration
It already has a widely distributed global network of 600+ stores along with 100 flagship products in different locations.

According to the CEO of Telecare network India Mr. Deepesh Gupta the company will offer its assistance and expertise in opening 10 stores in Indian metro cities and tier 1 cities. It will also help in enhancing and strengthening the brand presence across as many as 17,000 stores located in major cities. The company’s products start at 700 and go up o Rs.8, 000.


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