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Data Privacy Hazard: How to stop hackers and apps from snatching your private data from your phone

Data Privacy Hazard: How to stop hackers and apps from snatching your private data from your phone


Data has been rightly dubbed as the new gold of the digital era. In fact there is a huge amount of highly precious data residing on arioso devices like laptops and mobile phones The frequent and widely popular use of payment apps and could based storage has made your phone more attractive target for the sinister hackers who can hack your iPhone, steal the information and use it to wipe your bank account or sell your sensitive business information to the competitors. Here are a few things to keep in mind to enjoy a high level of security against cyber attacks and hacking instances:


Avoid using outdated apps

Using outdated apps and sod wares on your phone exposes it to several security threats- right from stealing your private and sensitive information to hack your phone and even record your conversations. With the help of advanced techniques, tips and tricks the hackers keep on exploring the security loopholes from where they can intrude into your phone’s ecosystem and start injecting the malware. That’s why the mobile apps and software’s patch security loopholes and add more rigid protection to safeguard you from present and potential risks.

If you have not updated your mobile app to the latest versions, the older version of your app may have a security loophole that has been discovered by the hackers- which makes you a soft target.


Be very cautious while granting app permissions

When you install an app it asks you to grant some permissions- right from accessing your contacts and making calls to gaining access to the phone’s text messages. You are directed to or settings where you just need to toggle for giving specific permission to the app.

This seemingly simple process can turn out to be a costly mistake as these permissions can easily be misused. Several malicious apps have a genuine feel and look but malicious intentions. When you grant some sensitive permission to such apps- it would abuse the same for stealing and misusing your data.

Many users would just grant even the sensitive permissions to the apps as it is verified by Google Play Store. However, there have been many instances where even the verified apps are found to be malicious. So, be very careful and modest while granting permission to the apps.


Keep on checking the interface and behavior of your apps

The apps and software keep on updating on a periodical basis and the updates aren’t always a good thing. Some malicious elements might use this opportunity to inject malware into your phone while the other apps might add the features that can risk your phone’s security. So it is ways best to first read the entire information about the new features post updated and decide how it would affect your phone’s security.

For instance, some apps might start showing the automated notifications or ads while others might have found a way to autorun some programs on your phone just for their commercial benefit.

Make sure that you carefully review the changes before permitting them and also practically check the interface and UX of the app to make sure that these updates aren’t risky for your phone.

Also, look out for any suspicious changes like auto-running programs. In case of any suspicious change, it is best to abandon the app if it isn’t necessary (like gaming apps, entertainment apps, etc.).



To enjoy high security against the hacking and malware it is very important to strictly follow the best security guidelines. While it might seem to be a little inconvenient, following these guidelines can save you from several security threats.

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