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   Now it is easier to get original Apple products for your damaged iPhone from independent mobile repairing centers

  Now it is easier to get original Apple products for your damaged iPhone from independent mobile repairing centers

Most of the phone users prefer to get their phone repaired by the Apple store as they are suspicious that the lack of easy availability of genuine iPhone parts might force the independent mobile repair shops to use fake parts of lower quality. 


More mobile shops are permitted to get original iPhone parts

Many iPhone users tend to send their spoiled iPhones to Apple stress due to the lack of original parts. It adds up the costs and inconvenience. There’s good news for such users. The Apple has now stared permitting a higher number of mobile repair shops to buy original parts of the iPhone. It will enable them to offer similar repairing services as is provided by the Apple stores. Right now this facility is available in US but Apple seems to include other countries as well.  


The pricing issues

While it is a positive move; there are strong reasons to believe that Apple will charge a surplus amount on the actual prices of the parts that can compel the shops to hike the overall repairing charges. However, looking at the average demographics of the iPhone users, this move will not have any significant negative impact as most of them could easily afford to pay the extra dollars for the sake of convenience. It is worth mentioning the present the independent repairing shops must get certified as authorized service providers of Apple to procure genuine Apple parts. Due to the premium cost of this program, many providers are reluctant to join the program. 


The shops just need to go through free Apple Training g Course

The company’s new decision would enable the shops to undergo just free Apple training course to procure the original phone parts directly from Apple. They would also have easy access to diagnostic assistance a well as manuals. The company will provide them everything at the same price tag at which they are being sold to the authorized apple shops. It will allow the repair technician to get original iPhone parts without having to go through an expensive Authorized shop certification process. The company will not levy any extra cost burden on such repair technician and they can get the parts at the same price as they are sold to the Apple certified stores. This facility is available in US 


Tools available only for the general repairing issues

One thing that needs a special mention is that the company will offer the tools or parts only for the general repairs (out of warranty). To repair the more complicated or specific issue the shops would still need to rely on the non-branded parts. So, if your phone battery has stopped working or the screen glass has been cracked your nearest eligible mobile repair technician can use the original battery/or screen to repair your phone. However, if any other part has stopped functioning then the shop still has to manage with the external (non-apple) parts.


The company can gradually expand the range of parts 

According to some experts, Apple can also expand the range of apple parts that can be procured by the eligible repairing technicians. Some also believe that the company can increase the actual cost of the iPhone parts that can still compel the user to prefer sending the spoiled or damaged iPhone to the Apple repair stores instead of relying on their neighborhood mobile repairing shops…

Some experts also demand that Apple should sell the original parts to directly t the end-users as well. Along with the quality concerns, there are some other issues with the third party parts. For instance, your iPhone might deny showing the stats of your batter health if it is procured from a third-party vendor. 


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