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   Now it is easier to get original Apple products for your damaged iPhone from independent mobile repairing centers

Most of the phone users prefer to get their phone repaired by the Apple store as they are suspicious that the lack of easy availability of genuine iPhone parts might force the independent mobile repair shops to use fake parts of lower quality. 


More mobile shops are permitted to get original iPhone parts

Many iPhone users tend to send their spoiled iPhones to Apple stress due to the lack of original parts.

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Slow Internet speed? 7 reasons (with solutions)

One of the most annoying things is to discover that you are not able to browse your favorite sites over the internet as your phone’s speed is extremely slow. It annoys the users and some of them might even stop browsing the net. However, there are some better solutions available. Let us look at the list of possible reasons behind the slow internet speed:

You might be using Public WiFi

Sometimes you might use the public WiFi while being away from the home.

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Is Google Play Store safe (Unbiased review with data)

The Google Playstore verification is generally perceived by many phone users to be the best reason to fully trust any app without vetting its credentials. However, the recent incidents show that even the apps verified by Google play store could contain malware and other viruses. It raises a question- Is Google Playstore safe? In this blog we’re going to present unbiased and detailed information on the same:

Some Disturbing Data

The BankBot Android banking Trojan has already infected at least 132 apps in the Google PlayStore and it can quickly steal the most sensitive information from diverse aps icluding the top names like WhatsApp and Facebook.

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Another bad player on PlayStore: CamScanner finally speaks up after being removed due to Trojan Dropper Malware

CamScanner is a popular android app that enables you to scan the document through your phone camera and is widely used by the professionals for its reliable services and advanced features like easier options for scanning multiple pages, quality improvement, and smart photo cropping.


The alerting signs
However, the uncommon features started attracting the negative reviews that alerted the digital security organizations like Kapersky who were quick and sharp enough to dive deeper into the matter.

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Virus, virus all around: Tips to keep your android safe and sound

Due to lack of security your mobile can become a victim of a virus attack. So, it is highly recommended to follow the best safety guidelines while using your phone, especially when using it in public places. While it would not guarantee a cent percent protection against the security issues, you can enjoy the maximum safety against various viruses. Here are some of the major security tips that you should seriously follow if you want to keep your phone free from malicious viruses:

 Don’t download apps from unidentified/uncertified sources
Google Playstore and Appstore carefully scrutinize each app before making them available for the download.

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Huawei Watch GT Active with stunning features and best capacities

Huawei introduced the Smartwatch GT Active in India this July. The smartwatch will work equally well with iOS as well as Android devices and will come packed with the advanced features and functionalities like monitoring sleep, activity and heart rate.

Coming to the design it offers the straps in 2 different colors with a fresh appeal: Orange and Dark Green.

Just like its predecessor Watch GT classic and sport the Active will also sport the watch face of 46mm.

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Launch Leaks: Motorola One Zoom expected soon in India- Here’s full review

Motorola recently introduced its new model Motorola one Zoom. Just like other members of its “One” family the latest model, Motorola One Zoom also caters to the niche phone buyers with specific demands.

Launching in India
Motorola One Zoom is strongly expected to be launched in India before the year ends- most probably by the month of October. There is even a buzz in the mobile industry that the company might officially launch it in its upcoming company event that is reportedly scheduled on 18th September 2019.

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Top 5 reliable security apps to protect your device from adware

The fresh incident of a Google Playstore certified app facilitating adware due to malicious ad SDK attracted huge attention in the mobile industry. It shows the acute need to install powerful antivirus in your mobile that is equipped with reliable adware detection and removal capabilities. The adware can not only be irritable and interrupts the smooth functioning, but it can also compromise your data security or even enables hackers to efficiently misuse your most crucial data by automating in-app purchases or transfers.

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Top 6 Indian mobile wallet companies with their brief profiles

Payment apps are the best ways to quickly pay your bills and carry out other transactions without using physical cash or going through an inconvenient bank account transfer process. All you have to do is to use your mobile and with a few taps, you can quickly pay the bills. The use of payment apps experienced a great surge especially during the time of demonetization that encourages even the small-time offline vendors and grocery stores to start accepting digital payments.

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