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The smartwatches are gaining wide popularity in India due to their exhaustive feature list and irresistible appeal. However, the expensive costs and highly advanced features prevent many people from buying smartwatches. The low budget options come with multiple challenges- poor quality material, less impressive feature list, lack of durability and substandard looks. One of the strong exceptions to this is playfit SW75 smartwatch- a smartwatch with an exotic design, robust functional efficiency, and durable built material.

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Looking for uninterrupted net performance? Here are 5 best phones for you

Several years ago, using phones for net connectivity used to be an expensive affair and frequent interruptions were not uncommon. However, thanks to the 4th generation technology, popularly known as 4G, the speed has become 10X faster than its predecessor 3Gtechnology- that is a big leap ahead. Along with ensuring a blazing fast speed on your device it also helps you to get the decent fast speed on other net-enabled devices that run on your data connection through Hotspot,

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Top 5 limited edition phones with distinct personalities

The limited-edition phone models assure an exclusive appeal and leverage the overall store of the product. It seems pretty exciting to now that you are among the few premium shoppers in the world who possess a specific model. The phone companies also make sure to offer an exotic, customized look and feel to their limited edition models. Though they are available at the rocket high prices and need premium care, the charm exuded by limited edition mobiles is simply unmatched.

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5 Phone with best screen features and size for better display quality

The screen display, size, and resolution play a key role in defining the overall visual experience of your phone. Whether you want to enjoy the awesome images or need to have a retina-friendly experience while working with different applications, the screen display is the prime thing to be considered. Let us know about some of the mobile phones that offer a reliable screen display with the best resolution, sharp image features and expanded screen size for better viewability:


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Want a phone with excellent battery life? Here are top 5 options to choose from

Having an extensive list of sophisticated features is not enough for your phone. You would also need a reliable battery that allows you to enjoy the maximum potential of your phone. The low battery life can spoil the overall phone experience by compelling you to charge it frequently and restricting you from using heavy apps or watching full-feature series. In this blog we are presenting some of the reliable models with longer battery life and fast charging support:

Many users need a high battery for enjoying the demanding,

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5 powerful contenders for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus  

The unique branding appeal exotic design, user-friendly features, and premium feature list offers iPhone a distinct position n the mobile market. The latest model iPhone 6 has recently been launched for the Indian market. However, the expensive prices could be a deterrent to budget-conscious shoppers. Besides, the brand also seems to be pretty slow in integrating the latest technologies. The phone’s original parts are not easily available in the market. The real-life impact of its recent decision for offering original parts to the mobile repairing shops is yet to be seen.

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5 strong alternatives of Redmi Note 5 Pro

Redmi Note 5 Pro comes with exotic design and unmatched performance and following the tradition of Xiaomi traditions, it is available at a reasonable price tag. The frequent offers further makes the deal sweeter for the customers but the heavy sales also mean the frequent unavailability of stock. It could be somewhat difficult to find the right alternative of 5 Pro in case if the model is unavailable in the market. We have made the task easier for you by compiling a list of the most reliable alternatives of Redmi Note 5 Pro.

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5 key qualities that a good camera smartphone must have

The new age smartphones with extra powerful cameras promise to deliver a unique photography experience and are appreciated by amateur and advanced photographers as well. As most of the phones claim to offer the unique camera experience picking the right phone could be a tough task. The things could be easier for you if you first create a checklist of the most important features that your new smartphone must-have. In this post, we are going to share the top 5 qualities that any good camera smartphone should have.

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Top 5 phones for premium gaming experience

The joy of playing games on your smartphones is simply unmatched and the latest smartphones with robust features and special built deliver almost the same classic experience and thrill that you get while playing on dedicated gaming consoles. We have carefully picked up some of the best phones with larger screens, robust processor and superior extra effects (vibration, sound, etc.) to deliver you intensive and immersive gaming experience. Here are our top 5 picks

Nubia Red Magic 3
The Red Magic 3 is another phone that is capable of delivering a decent gaming experience and allows the users to enjoy the maximum potential of the games.

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Galaxy M30s- Great Performance & extreme battery life but average cameras

Galaxy M30s is among the Samsung models that were introduced this year. The phone is loaded with some excellent features. Starting at Rs.13,999 it isn’t cheap but the price is reasonable.

The phone comes loaded with powerful capabilities and some user-friendly features. Advanced camera options and a strong battery also act as the major selling points. However, like every phone, it has its shares of pros and cons. So, let us present a detailed review of the phone and dive deeper into key features to see whether or not it is the right phone to gift yourself or your loved ones on this festive season.

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