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7 popular android apps that you should never ever download (and why?)

7 popular android apps that you should never ever download (and why?)

Android phones have emerged as one of the widely popular handsets due to their versatility, capabilities and different prices/features to attract different sections of the society. One of the major attractions of Android, as well as other smartphones, is the ability to download apps for diverse purposes right from paying bills to create an impressive image album or streaming the media files. Users have become smart enough to download only the play store certified apps. However, there are several malicious apps in the repository of the Google Play Store that appears to be safe but have hidden motto that can severely damage the privacy and security of your mobile.

ES File Explorer
Counted as a highly reliable app for file exploring, the ES file Explorer started gaining the negative qualities around 5 years ago.

The increasing volume of users and loyal subscribers encouraged the app to commercialize its popularity in a better manner. That wasn’t a bad thing. But in a bid to earn quick profits the company turned into a malicious marketer and tied up with the brands for advertising their apps through unstoppable notification popup requesting you to download specific apps. To the best it is really irritating but to the worst there are higher chances that you might end up tapping a wrong button and install a spying app that will compromise with your phone’s security.


UC Browser
There is no doubt regarding UC Browser’s technical capabilities to save huge amounts of data and time with its innovative compression technology. However, what it doesn’t (and can’t) advertise is the “hidden motive” or the real commercial agenda. It offers marketing services to some of the internet giants and sends your vital information right from unencrypted search queries and to more sensitive data like Android ID, Wi-Fi Address, IMEI number, IMSI number, like Google, Yahoo India, and some Alibaba-owned tracking tools.

Basically, for saving some time and data you end up losing your privacy. Before you know your phone becomes a public playground for unstoppable ad popup, dialog boxes, and annoying commercials. It is worth mentioning that the above stated sensitive information is sent without encryption thus exposing your vital information to risky data-in-transit attacks.


Encouraged by the high rating and excellent reviews, many people download the Clean It app for quickly cleaning their android unused files.

However, little do they know that cache storage plays a key role in boosting the speed of your android phone. By clearing it, the page loading requests take a longer time than adds to the latency and slows down your mobile. RAM cleaning is another “service” offered by this app which consume massive volumes of resources like Battery etc. Its claim to lighten up the burden on your phone battery by killing the functioning apps doesn’t have any solid proof.


Music Player
The app allows you to stream your favorite music numbers stored on your phone.

The app will literally “gets on your nerves” with tons of annoying ads presented in a loud, flashy and a distasteful manner. You would be irritated tapping the cross button repetitively. Additionally, it saps unreasonably high amounts of your data and in no time sends your battery down to the minimum levels due to high power consumption. So by installing and using this app, you agree to lose tons of data and battery along with staring helplessly at the most annoying ads. With so many good and friendly music apps out there in the market, it doesn’t seem to be a wise deal.


DU Battery Saver & Fast Charge
While this app claims to save lots of battery and quickens the charging the reality is very different.

Don’t believe the stats, graphs and bars claiming the apps ability to save your battery or enhance the charging speed. It is technically not possible for any software or app to modify the charging speed of your handset. It is a clever trick to trap gullible users who are always looking for enhancing their battery life and capabilities. Once you download this app your phone is stuffed with constantly flashing ads and you cannot stop that even by locking your phone screen.

Dolphin Web Browser
Dolphin browser advertises itself as a user-friendly browser that supports HTML 5 and flash. Cream on the top is that it is also free from annoying ads- or at least what it claims to be.

This browser silently works in the background for tracking and saving your sensitive phone data. It sells the data to the brands, products, and services. It thus breaks your privacy shell and exposes your most vital information to the brands whose only aim is to annoy you with numerous ads through emails, push notifications/requests and various other methods. 

Photo Collage
The media-enabled phones have gained wide popularity especially among the youth and the serious lovers of photography etc. Some users would love to take their aesthetic capabilities to the next level by using features like creating collages. Photo collage is on such app that offers chic backgrounds, diverse appealing frames and different texts that can be added directly into your images.

We won’t comment on the technical capabilities of this app but it is highly advisable to avoid downloading this app. It stuffs your entire mobile with repetitive ads that will irritate you and interrupt your phone activities. Whether you need to browse the net or use the Whatsapp, you don’t have any choice other than staring and bearing these repetitive ads. 


To enjoy a better user experience and get the most out of their mobile phones, many users download loads of different apps on their device. However, many apps are not designed or employed for the so-called official purpose as is advertised by them. These apps are specifically designed and used for selling your info to various brands and businesses that can bombard your phone with a huge number of ads. Some of these apps may also steal your information and send to the malicious elements or share your information via unencrypted means thus exposing it to the data-in-transit attacks. So it is highly imperative to exercise utmost caution before downloading even the most innocuous-looking app on your mobile.

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