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Lost your phone in public place? Immediately do these things (without fail)

Lost your phone in public place? Immediately do these things (without fail)

While mobiles phones have made our lives convenient, they also come with some key security risks. We save sensitive data including our payment information, payment apps, email IDs, a saved password for quick access, cloud-based files and a massive amount of other data. While all these things make our life easier, we are at greater risk if we happen to lose our mobile in the public place, public transport, cab or any other place from where it can easily be stolen. So it becomes highly imperative to know about the key steps to be taken in case you lose your mobile phone.

 Locate your phone
The first thing to do is to locate the place where you misplaced or left your phone. In many cases it could be possible that you have left the phone at a place that isn’t far and it would be great to start out for that place. The easiest way to do that is to use GPS locating service. Either you can locate your phone via other mobile or visit Android Device Manager. If you are using iPhone then you can use the service Find My iPhone. If you are able to get the location of your phone, then you can start out for the same. While on your way you can work on other first aid help that we are presenting here. Keep in mind that it can only work if GPS is activated on your phone.

 Stop the services
Losing your mobile phone could be a very risky incident especially if it contains loads of sensitive data like login credentials or quick sign-in features, clues to sensitive bank information, payment apps, etc. The first smart move is to ensure that the malicious elements should not be able to misuse it. How can you do that? Just cut off the essential services like net connectivity and phone calls.

The easiest way is to simply call your mobile carrier to inform them regarding eh incident and requesting them to disconnect all the services with an immediate effect. The reputed mobile carriers also offer you the easy provisions to report the incident online or immediately request for disconnection.

Many mobile carriers enable you to instantly deactivate all the services on your device with a kill switch. Installing such kills switches allow you not only to deactivate your phone remotely but also make sure that the smart hackers shouldn’t be able to reset it. These services can be downloaded using specific instructions as provided by the mobile carrier. It is highly imperative that you carefully read about the scope and functionality of installing/activating these services and also have the exact idea of how they work remotely. In case of any confusion, it is best to consult with the support team or simply request them if they can deactivate the services on their part.

Save your business by retrieving the backup
Depending upon the specific requirements a user can upload whole lot of sensitive or business crucial documents to their cloud. So losing this information can set back your business and may cause a considerable damage. The good habit of securely backing up your information on a periodical basis can save you from this risk. Even in case, you don’t expect to get back your device you can still retrieve your vital information that you need for continuing the business, projects or other important tasks. The backup can even save you from ignoring vital contacts like clients, partners, etc. So, another important thing is to retrieve your backup as soon as possible to ensure that you have the access to the latest data related to your business.


The extensive use of mobile phones and its versatile applications have made it the one-stop device for all our needs- right from checking the date and time to saving and working with our most sensitive business documents or paying via various payment apps. That is why losing your mobile phone could be an extremely risky incident where you can lose tons of most sensitive information to the malicious elements and hackers who can misuse it or their gains. Instead of panicking it is better to remain calm and know the quick first aid steps to take as soon as you lose your phone.

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