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Now get your sick and damaged iPhone revived at independent mobile repairing shops

Now get your sick and damaged iPhone revived at independent mobile repairing shops

Apple isn’t known for its friendly attitude towards independent mobile repair mechanics who wish to repair the iPhone or replace the broken parts. However, if the recent decisions by Apple can be regarded as a clue it seems that the things are changing for better. The recent official announcement by the company to provide a decent iPhone repairing support to the local repairing shop has come as a welcome relief for these local repairing shop.

The announcement
As per the Apple’s announcement, the independent mobile repair shops will be eligible to get original iPhone tools, repairing instructions, diagnostics, and branded parts.

These resources were hitherto limited to Apple Authorized Service Providers. As per the new announcement, even the independent mobile repair shop will be able to enjoy these resources and tools after joining Apple’s program. There are specified conditions and restrictions as well. For instance, the program application of the shops can be rejected by Apple without offering any specific reason(s).


Possible reasons behind the announcement
Before this decision even the Authorized iPage repair shops were able to procure only the most general parts from Apple like batteries and screen. For other types of repairs requiring other parts the clients would have to send the device to Apple.

The announcement has come in the background of news where the piPhones with third party batteries refused to support some features because of hardware incompatibility/restrictions. This announcement is mainly aimed at post warranty devices.


Rights and Restrictions
It is important to note that the above mentioned announcement is applicable only for the US based independent repairing shops. However, later on it is believed that other countries will also be included.

Apple has also set specific guidelines that need to be strictly followed by the shops like explicitly declaring whether they have used original parts or third party parts. They also need to return the broken parts to Apple. However, these shops are not obliged to use original parts only. Depending upon the budget and inclination of the client they may decide to use third-party parts as well. It is believed that the broken parts returned to the company will be recycled for fresh use.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the new announcement is quite selective in its approach and even the successful Apple repair certification holders need to work from commercial zones. So, it may not be the right plan for the small-time mobile mechanics that work from home and cannot operate from a repairing shop in a commercial zone. In all, we can a that while it is a welcome decision by the company, the restrictions on eligibility, the scope of assistance, terms of services and other strict guidelines can affect the real impact.

A positive thing to mention here is that the company will make available these parts at the same price at which they are sold to the current authorized Apple service providers. So there wouldn’t be any extra cost burden for the independent mobile repairing shops.

Apple has recently announced that it will start providing the original Apple parts for the independent mobile repairing shops. It can improve the reputation and revenue potential of such shops. Until now the Apple users hesitated to get their Apple phones repaired at these shops as they didn’t have the original Apple parts to replace the broken parts. The move will also offer training to these shops that will further enhance their appeal. However, Apple has set some stringent rules and regulations/guidelines and conditions that can compress the number of beneficiaries. In short, it can be called a positive first step from Apple that should hopefully improve the status and income potential of talented local mobile repairing shops.




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