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iPhone 11 Pro Max- The expensive phone with exclusive features

iPhone 11 Pro Max- The expensive phone with exclusive features

Apple is known for introducing luxurious models with innovative features and iPhone 11 Pro Max takes the experience to the next level. This huge (not just big) OLED screen phone assures excellent user experience with its exceptional speed, reliable performance, awesome media capabilities, and enviable battery life. As the name suggests the phone is available at an exclusive price but the features it provides perfectly justifies the price tag.

Design and colors
The phone has a well-toned body with high-quality build material that renders a solid classic personality to the model. The phone sports a big yet graceful notch on its front- just like other models of iPhone. Frosted glass finish and matte panel offer it a visual grace. The camera module, however, creates a bulge that interferes with the otherwise flat, suave surface. The raised casing in the back cover attempts, to some extent, to mitigate the annoyance.

Coming to the user experience, the sheer size of its 6.5” screen may compel you to employ both your hands for working with the phone. The heavy material and large size also add to its body weight bringing to a total of 226 grams which effectively prevents you to use it comfortably while on the go.

You can choose from four different appealing colors: Grey, Silver Gold and Green

Media capabilities
This is the USP of the phone and will thus require a detailed explanation. The three rear cameras of the phone promise a unique media experience. Both the main camera and telephoto lens employ a 12MP sensor. The third 12MP camera utilizes a wider angle lens for that pixel-perfect picture.
Another significant change that the users would notice is the tangible improvement in the picture quality even when taken in dim light. So, your photo quality won’t be ruined due to insufficient light. This feature is an asset especially if you love photography.   It allows you to capture the memorable moments during late-night parties without the issues of grainy, blurry look or silhouette faces.

Thanks to its smart technology the night mode is automatically switched on during the dim light thus relieving you from the manual process.


The wide-angle camera offers a comfortable canvas for your pictures and you would also like the studio light mode that offers a perfect classic touch to the black and white portraits.

Depending upon your preferences and angle you can seamlessly switch from telephoto lens to ultra-wide lens. The phone also promises a state of the art video recording capability- both in terms of usability and output.

 The front camera assures excellent Selfie pictures and then you would also admire the newly introduced slofie mode as well that allows you to click short selfie videos.


iPhone is known for its smooth processing power and this mode is not an exception. Powered by iOS13 the phone assures top-notch performance and quick execution- even while working on multiple apps simultaneously or during complex procedures.

 The high speed also makes it a delight fro the game lovers especially when playing 3D or VR games with a community. It also offers an enhanced experience while working with the AR apps.

The 6.5” OLD screen may be a bit tricky to handle with a single hand but nonetheless the visual excellence it offers is appreciable. The colors come out vivid and the images seem alive. Its crystal clarity brings out the maximum details of any content, image or video that you watch on the phone. You would also love the bold yet decibel-friendly sound of the audio.

Battery Life
The charging is really quick and even before two hours the fully drained out battery gets fully charged. Another appreciable feature is the battery life which is high and once charged, you can enjoy using the phone for the entire day without ending up with a fully discharged battery.

 No doubt, the phone is extremely expensive but the features and capabilities it offers precisely justify every single dollar you spend on it. Honestly speaking, the phone has its share of cons too but its pros far out shadow the cons.

Low-cost Substitute
If you wish to live the iPhone 11 experience but are restricted by the budget then you can go for iPhone 11 that offers more or less the same features along with the additional benefit of a smaller screen. You would save a whopping Rs. 45,000 but should be ready to compromise with the awesome media features offered by OLED screen and ultra-wide camera.

 Smooth design

Powerful camera

Excellent video

Reliable performance

Build quality

Luxurious look

Awesome Dolby sound experience



Hefty size

Bulging camera module



The iPhone Pro Max combines the best of all the worlds- design, performance, processing speed, reliability, and audio/video capabilities. The quick charging and a long battery life further add to the user experience. The extra-wide screen does a great job at highlighting the visual details to the maximum but it also makes it difficult to handle with a single hand. Material is good and you get the feel of a luxury phone when touching or holding it. If budget is not the problem then this could be the best model for the users looking for a high-capability designer model with rich media features.



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