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Motorola One Macro: Complete unbiased review with maximum details

Motorola One Macro: Complete unbiased review with maximum details

Motorola One Macro is one of the latest mobile phones offered by Motorola in its Motorola One series. The phone is affordably priced and the brand is using the Macro camera as its marketing USP. But is the phone worth investing? Of course, the price tag looks inviting but what about the practical experience? In this unbiased detailed review, we have touched various aspects of the phone that build the user experience like power, UI, accessibility, battery life and most importantly the camera features.


Barring the 21:9 aspect ratio display, the other design features of Motorola One Macro are almost the same as Motorola One Action. Its entire body outline is tastefully embellished with attractive bezels while waterdrop notch at the top renders it a distinct branded look. Wider bottom further elevates the aesthetic appeal. It comes with a 6.2” HD+ display and the aspect ratio is 19:9

There is a 3.5mm headphone jack at the top. At the bottom, you would find the speaker and the USB Type-C port- which acts as the main microphone. A subtle change in the power button’s design seems welcoming- pleasant to the eye and easy to discern from other buttons. The dual SIM tray is positioned on the left part.

The 3 cameras are positioned at the back- slightly sticking out. Though metal edges shield the lenses from scratches, they also interfere with the design and don’t feel nice to touch. The macro sensor distinctly sits at the top while other cameras are organized as a strip and positioned apart- a bit below.

The phone comes with a fingerprint scanner at its front with the trademark emblem of the brand. The sleek back panel offers a shiny appeal that looks awesome.

The phone has got some weight and holding it in the hand gives you the nice feeling that you are holding some superior model. It also shows high built quality.


Display, features and software
The phone comes with the HD+ display with 270ppi that fails to deliver the premium experience offered by most of its peers that are equipped with full-HD + resolutions. The phone runs on MediaTek Helio P70 SoC- a strong, feature-rich processor for rapid execution and steady performance capabilities.

The IPX2 rating assures that occasional splashes and droplets would not hurt your phone but it has strict limitations and you still have to be extremely careful about not dropping it into water. Its 4,000 mAH battery provides a reliable power reserve to keep the phone running for a longer period when fully charged. Along with Bluetooth 4.3 and 4G VoLTE the phone also supports six navigation systems.

The premium software- stock Android 9 Pie, allows it to offer smooth transitions between different apps and functions. The phone comes stocked with a few Google apps and they are most helpful. To further enhance the user experience the phone offers quick accessibility features. For instance, you just need to swipe right to open Google Assistant and can keep frequently used apps in a neatly organized app drawer. The Moto and Device help apps offer comprehensive help to beginners and advanced users alike.

User Experience
To further enrich the user experience the company also offers some advanced accessibility options like accessing the camera by double-twisting the wrist. Likewise, you no longer have to go through multiple steps for switching on the flashlight. Just wave your hand twice in the chopping motion and the flashlight will be on. Using your phone with single hand requires extra maneuverability skills but with its easy screen shrinking feature you can shrink the screen display to use it effortlessly with the single hand- a real asset for users with relatively smaller hands.

The phone has in-built parental controls to assure children-friendly content when your kids are using it. On the screen, you would see a small button-shaped as a pill that just needs to be swiped for executing various key tasks. You would also love the advanced and user-friendly gesture navigation. 

Battery life and overall performance
The 4GB RAM of the phone allows it to perform multiple tasks simultaneously without that choppy performance or annoying latency. Switching between different apps, face unlocking, and other key features is notably fast and smooth.

The hybrid dual SIM seems a bit annoying – especially if you regularly use 2 SIMs simultaneously (say for personal and professional purposes) you either have to compromise the second SIM or extra storage.

The phone also offers smooth gaming experience thanks to its excellent underlying technology.

The best benefit of its 4,000 mAH battery is that you don’t have to sacrifice our media experience for the sake of decent battery life. Even if you run your general media features images camera videos etc. the mobile offers you quite a long battery life.

The triple camera at the back assures deluxe photography or video capturing the experience. There is a 2 MP sensor at the top while the two the camera grouped also fare well with the 13MP and 2 MP depth sensor capabilities respectively.

The phone offers multiple shooting modes Portrait, Panorama, Slow Motion, and Timelapse it has a few uncommon ones called Cutout, Spot Colour, Cinemagraph, and Macro.

For instance, the spot color allow you to choose the color that you want to remain While the cinegraph goes further to enable you to decide the portions that would be animated (while the others will remain still) A great way to create your innovative profile photo with animation

While you have multiple options to lend an enhanced appeal to your photos, the mediocre output quality disappoints and it further deteriorates when clicking the distant objects. Everything is not negative though. For instance, the photos taken during ample natural light comes out well and don’t cover the objects with reflection or extra brightness- thanks to its smart automated HDR or focus that trigger start depending upon the atmospheric light. Likewise, the close-ups are quite impressive with the sharp yet balanced contour.

Thanks to its advanced controlling features like blur setting the macro camera feature you can get superb Zero-blurring media quality even if the object is very close to you- a great asset for purpose-oriented photography like product photography, document photography, etc. The sharp and clear details rendered by the macro camera are truly amazing.

Portraits come out fine when taking with Macro but the Landscape quality disappoints especially when we notice the edges and contrast.

Selfies option fares great when taken in sufficient light but in the low light the quality significantly diminishes.

Like the camera, the video quality is also vulnerable to the availability of light. The lack of quality is notable when you shoot video during the night or in the surrounding with low light. The lack of an efficient night mode function plays a spoiler in the overall media experience.



  • Big Screen
  • High build quality
  • Decent audio quality
  • Long battery life
  • Gesture controls
  • Quick task execution
  • Stable performance


  • Low resolution
  • Mediocre camera experience
  • Lack of ultrawide camera
  • Hybrid dual SIM card slot


The macro camera is among the key USPs marketed by the brand but its limited capabilities are disappointing- and the brand would seriously need to add this concern, in case if it launches an upgraded version of this model in the future. Close up shooting is just nice but there’s nothing that can justify the candidature of the macro camera as the prime USP. On the positive note, the performance is impressive thanks to ample RAM and space availability- and of course, the cutting edge Mediatek Helio P70 SoC.


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