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Vivo Z1X: Is it the phone that really delivers premier experience?

Vivo Z1X: Is it the phone that really delivers premier experience?

Last month Vivo introduced the Vivo Z1X model in the Indian mobile market that is a decent phone with some great features available at an affordable under 20,000 categories. The model is an evolution of Vivo Z1Pro and boasts of superior features for a better look and performance. But is the phone worth the price? How far would it be able to impress the users? Let’s find out in this complete unbiased review :


An Overview
The model is a notch up when compared with its predecessor Vivo Z1 Pro. The triple camera on the rear assures greater competence and there are positive improvements in the design criteria along with additional user-friendly features.


The minimal bezels add to the designer appeal without giving it a garish, loud look. The phone is ideally sized and is easy to hold and maneuver. The plastic body seems disappointing, though. The model comes in 2 attractive colors to choose from Fusing Blue and Phantom purple.   The design looks great but the plastic body plays a bit of the spoiler and is prone to fingerprint smudges.

The 6.38 full HD+ Super AMOLED display is available with a high resolution for vivid colors and sharper details. The powerful AMOLED assures refined media experience with its seamless streaming capabilities.

The battery performance doesn’t fail to impress either. It runs on a 4500mAH battery with a fast charger that can charge the phone from 0 to 100% within 80 minutes. If used modestly a fully charged battery can last for around 24 hours. The heavy usage (media, heavy applications, camera, etc.) can reduce it to 9 hours.


The powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 712 AIE processor paired with Adreno 616 GPU and 6GB RAM guarantees seamless performance and excellent speed. The inbuilt 128 GB of memory is quite sufficient and you can also double the capacity through microSD card. The gaming experience is smooth and interruption-free. Additionally, the phone also offers you the ultra game mode that allows you to boost the gaming performance if you need it.

The software performance can’t be called outstanding and it is further reduced due to dozens of pre-installed apps. Many third-party apps are less desirable or simply a nuisance like Gaana or Dailyhunt (among many others). It compels you to manually delete every third-party app that you don’t want. Besides, there are hordes of company apps as well- iTheme,, Game enter, iMusic, etc. The worse thing is that you can’t even delete them even if you don’t need them


User experience
Thanks to the advanced fingerprint sensor unlocking the device is a breeze. Expect almost the same speed with facial recognition feature but the performance suffers in the low light. The phone offers you multiple animation options for the fingerprint reader to choose the one you wish. The audio quality isn’t particularly bad but fails to deliver the premium experience and there is ample room for improvement.


The phone sports a 48MP primary lens with 2MP depth sensor and 8MP wide-angle sensor. It offers quick to focus and assures detailed photos with vibrant colors and razor-sharp contours when clicked during the daylight. The macro shots don’t look particularly great but they don’t disappoint either.  The phone offers a night mode but it fails to deliver the good output quality during low light conditions. The discernible grains and lack of details give a substandard look to the photos. It is enough to deter you from taking photos of your late-night garden or terrace parties.


User Interface
In one word the UI can simply be called almost chaotic! It lacks a straightforward interface and user-friendly features. Navigating settings is quite a task. Lack of app drawer further disappoints. So, you would need some time to get familiar with the phone’s UI and certainly, there is a sort of learning curve to go through.



  • Excellent photo quality during daylight
  • High resolution sAMOLED display
  • Quick charging
  • Longer battery life
  • Seamless streaming



  • Plastic panel
  • Lower software performance
  • Dozens of preinstalled apps
  • Untidy UI


Vivo Z1X offers better camera performance, higher RAM efficiency, and minimalist design features. The performance is quick, steady and free from interruptions. Seamless streaming enhances media experience and cameras work excellently during the normal daylight. However, the output lacks quality during low light conditions. The same is true in the case of the selfie. The UI provides additional user-friendly features but lacks a neat look. Fast charger and higher battery life add to the positive experience. The minimalist design looks appealing but the plastic body robs it from the luxurious, sophisticated appeal.


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