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Android Vs. iOS: Who is the ultimate winner?

Android Vs. iOS: Who is the ultimate winner?

Android and iOS have a dedicated community of fans and followers. Each one is designed specifically to deliver the best experience to their fans. So comparing both of them would be interesting and that is what we are going to do in this blog. Hope you would enjoy reading it and it will also help you to decide whether you should continue using the Android or upgrade to iOS:

Apple phones are famous for their exclusive features and it is reflected in their prices as well. The highly expensive price tags deter the mid-range shoppers from buying iPhones. However, one positive thing is that the iPhone fans are very particular about maintaining their iPhone condition and it allows you to buy a fairly used iPhone with brand new looks at lower prices but here too is a caveat- even the prices for second-hand iPhone are on the higher side – almost equivalent to a decent brand new Android! So, the choice could be difficult for the mid-range shoppers.


Besides, there are many other factors make Android a clear winner in the price war. You have a wide portfolio of brands, designs, features, and capabilities to choose from. You can pay as less (not beyond reasonable limits- of course) or as much as your wallet allows. To be precise- there’s a phone for every budget and need. There are no exclusive hardware requirements and unlike iOS, Android doesn’t burden you with a price tag for using almost every app. Like an app? Just download it from Play Store without paying a single buck. Not all apps are free though but for most of the paid apps you can certainly get a decent free substitute!


Apps Quality
While the Android offers a wide array of apps it cannot beat the overall quality and security that is assured by the apps on iOS. Especially when we talk about the gaming apps, the iOS is the pioneer. It is also the primary option for gaming app developers while Android is the second option. Many, high-end games are available exclusively on iOS. When looking for the apps you don’t consider the quantity. It is the quality and performance of the apps that matter more. On this front the iOS is a leader.

Apple’s App store is not only decently organized but also makes it easier for the users to decide on the right app by offering them recommendations. However, the play store offers a better interface that allows for quick browsing through the list and showing the quick view of app info at a glance.

However, the iPhones also enables its users to use their fingerprint through touch ID for buying the apps. Doing the same on Android needs you to adjust the settings. Apple’s tougher security standards ensure that no unsafe or malicious apps should make its way into Apple’s App store. Google also vets the apps before accepting them into its Playstore. However, some particularly smart malicious apps do succeed in getting accepted in these stores and such cases are less common with Apple when compared to Android. However, the main thing to consider here is that unlike Apple’s store most of the Apps in Playstore are available free of cost and even for the fairly priced apps you can claim a no-questions return within specific time limit.


The Apple app has been evolving rapidly in terms of usability and friendly appeal but when compared with the Google Maps it still lags behind. The detailed direction, time, and even cycle direction along with landmarks and other friendly info allow a person to quickly navigate a new place. Whether you are traveling to a new place or looking for a specific address, Google maps can help you a great way of getting the right directions.


Talking about the battery life the Android device allows you to see the remaining battery life while also offering you better ways to minimize the power consumption by restricting connectivity performance and other power-consuming factors. Apple device doesn’t show you the approx. remaining battery life and though it also offers a nice power saving options, it cannot compete with the flexibility and customization offered by Android.

Another major point is that the reputed Android phones offer you a fast charger as a part of the package while the apple phones don’t offer fast charging adapter as a part of the package. You have to purchase it separately spending an additional cost.

Even on the performance part the Android phones fare better when compared to the Apple phones under the same price category. Overall, the longer battery life, complimentary fast charging and battery saving options/stats of Android are much better than Apple.


Here are some other key points:

iOS Wins

  • Software Updates
  • Accessibility and UI
  • Messaging
  • Camera
  • Security

Android Wins

  • Phone Customization
  • Email
  • Cloud Services
  • VA


iOS and Android are the popular mobile OS that are highly popular among mobile users. However, both of them offer a different experience. A thorough comparison between the two shows that Android is best for the budget-conscious users who need better flexibility while the iOS is a great option for the shoppers who are looking for a highly secured, user-friendly platform with better UI and exclusive experience.


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