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How to buy iPhone at more economical prices?

How to buy iPhone at more economical prices?

iPhone commands an air of exclusivity due to its luxurious looks, high-end built quality, friendly UI and enhanced security. The only limiting factor is the price. Apple iPhones are very expensive and possessing one would require you to pay a significant amount which is not possible for all. So, if you want to buy an iPhone but are restricted by the budget constraints then you have landed on the right page. In this guide we will offer you some practical tips to buy an iPhone at much lower costs:

Go for lower RAM and modest capacity
The iPhones with high capacity and more features tend to be very expensive. If you would compare the models you can see a significant difference in the price tags of the iPhones with modest capacity and the high-end iPhone models. Numbers matter. For instance, you have to shell out a whopping  for buying an iPhone that offers 256GB storage while a 64GB comes at just which is much more economical.

Buy older versions
The latest models of iPhone are significantly expensive but you can buy older models at much lower prices. The prices of old iPhone versions come down almost instantly as soon as the new versions are launched.

 Pro tip: Keep in mind that the new versions are announced during the last quarter of every year. If possible you can wait until that time to enjoy the maximum discounts on the older versions.

Festive sales
Festive season brings huge discounts on the iPhone due to the aggressive marketing strategy of the online and offline retailers/marketplaces. At that time you can get excellent deals on iPhone and enjoy unbelievable discounts that will relieve you (to a good extent) from the price burden.

EMI and monthly payment options
If your income doesn’t allow you to shell out a whopping price at once then you can also consider buying an iPhone in installments. Dividing the entire cost in multiple installments allow you to own an iPhone without having to pay through your nose. You can search for such installment options either on the net or ask the local (reputed) mobile shops. The Apple company also offers you such installment option but it might come with its own terms and conditions and you may or may  not feel comfortable with the same.

Fairly used iPhone
Buying second hand phones allows you to save a significant amount but there are many caveats attached. However, if you are clever and careful in selecting the right vendor/platform then you can buy fairly used iPhone at much less prices.

Most of the users are smart enough to check for the excellent exteriors but not many of them are thoroughly acquainted with how to check for the functionality, compatibility and performance. A major thing to keep in mind is to use the phone to check its real-time performance and thoroughly check the speed, stability and display quality. Are photos come out sharp and clear? Do they offer the maximum details even when shooting distant objects? Is the performance consistent or fluctuating? How does it perform when you work with multiple apps simultaneously? Make a checklist of these (and similar) factors and check all these things before buying a model.


Exchange old mobiles
Exchanging your old mobile for a new iPhone is another great option for saving good amount. However, you should be careful with this option. After all, giving away your perfectly functioning phone to save a small amount may not be the best option. Many shoppers tend to trade their own phone with the seller but that may not be the best option. It would be better to sell your phone to another buyer who is really looking to buy a second hand phone and is offering reasonable price.

Buying an iPhone doesn’t always have to be a pricey affair. The smart shoppers can expect some great discounts by using their worldly wisdom. By making a checklist based on the above guide the shoppers can buy the best iPhone models at much lower prices. We advise the readers to try multiple tips for enjoying the optimum results.

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