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How to get the best price for your mobile?

How to get the best price for your mobile?

The mobile sector is evolving at a very fast pace. The new models are announced so frequently that even the middle-class mobile fans simply cannot resist themselves from changing or upgrading their models every year. Many shoppers sell their old phones before buying the new one as it allows them to earn a decent price on their old phone models. Here is a carefully prepared guide that will help you to sell your phone at the best possible prices:


Preferably sell it before one year
Your phone’s price starts significantly declining after one year of use. So, if you have the intention to sell your phone before it completes one year then it is best to act fast instead of contemplating too much and delaying the decision. Many brands like Apple introduce new models every year and thus your would-be buyer gets a perfect reason to lower the prices. Why not sell your phone model (of current version) and get better prices when the ball is still in your court?

Presentation matters
The presentation matters a lot. Putting your old device in a case when showing it to the client indicates that you have treated your device fairly. Conversely, a smudged screen and old looking panels indicate that the phone has possibly gone through a careless treatment. Especially if you are selling a high-end mobile like iPhone or premium android phone then it would be best to give them a good presentation like cleaning the screen and body panel, putting them in a nice (preferably new) case, using protectors, etc. It would leave a positive impact on the sellers’ minds that will help you to get a better price.


Recycling your phone
You might not find many physical recycling stores in every Indian city but you won’t face any challenge in finding the online recycling store where you can sell your old phones for a decent price. Along with cutting the costs, you would also be earning some karmas for saving the environment from global carbon footprints. However, you need to be smart while finding the right recycling site as there might be many who would try to offer unreasonably low prices. So, make sure to deal with the reputed sites only.

Offer a complete package
Instead of just selling a plain mobile, it would be great to offer a complete set including the original charger, screen protector, gorilla glass, mobile cases, etc. A smarter option would be to offer an entire kit of mobile cleaning set, mobile holder, selfie stick, mobile pouches for belt, SD card and other related accessories (depending on availability and your intention to sell) at a little top-up price. It will not only allow the buyer to get a complete package at once but will also allow them to save not only on the mobile but also on the related accessories. Offering such extra benefits to the sellers enables you to close the deal faster!

Sell via social media
Social media is one of the best ways to sell your mobile to interested shoppers. It is also a better way to find interested parties easily. Platforms like Facebook have dedicated buying and selling groups where you can easily advertise your product. A better piece of advice is to look for the interested members first as those who are actively looking to buy a fairly used phone are most likely to offer a better price and close the deal faster. Thankfully the facebook (and other similar platforms) has the filtering options that can be used to look for the people who want to buy the same model that you wish to sell. So, you can quickly connect with the interested parties and save your efforts on finding the buyers. As far as possible, look for the local groups so that you can personally meet the buyer that assures fair dealing. Also, make sure that the group members are active, have a clean history, and are properly managed/moderated by the administrators. It would even be better to communicate directly with the administrators and ensure safe dealing.

Selling your second-hand phone can be a tricky trade. However, by following some essential tips you can get the best price on your fairly used mobile. The readers are advised to make a comprehensive checklist to ensure that they can sell their phones at the best possible prices.


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