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5 best and proven security apps to save your android phone from malware

5 best and proven security apps to save your android phone from malware


With the increasing number of mobile security threats it has become vitally important to safeguard your mobile against malware. The malicious elements can inject viruses and other types of malware to misuse your identity for initiating fake communication or extracting your sensitive information. In one of our previous blogs, we discussed the best practices to safeguard your crucial data and messages. In this blog we would present some of the best security apps that would protect your mobile against activities of such malicious elements, efficiently detect the presence of suspicious elements, malware, and viruses and also delete the same before they could affect your smartphone:

Avast holds a successful profile of protecting people and businesses from several malware of different types. Its Android apps assure the same superior safety and scanning paired with ease of use. This 1-tap security app allows you to detect a variety of malware like dangerous apps, infected programs, viruses, Trojans and more.

The free version also comes with a decent capability but you need to cope up with the fair amount of ads. For the specific, enterprise-grade security you need to buy premium capabilities like app locking, Camera trap SIM security facility and other features for robust security ecosystem

If you are not a heavy mobile user then the free version is fine for you. However, if you actively download and use different apps or use your mobile as a work phone then it would be better to go for a premium version.

Salient Features

  • Wipes cache/residual file with the help of junk cleaner
  • View time you spent on various apps
  • Safe web browsing assured by web shield feature
  • Protects photos from unauthorised access with the help of photo vault

Bitdefender Antivirus
Bitdefender is another reliable security app offering airproof protection that blends the high-end security and a blazing fast speed which does not interfere with your phone’s functionality or speed. Besides its lightweight compact size also assure fair limited consumption of resources. One of its USPs is to provide real-time protection as you install them.

The more demanding users can buy a paid version that packs even more dynamic capabilities for solid security like App Locker, cybersecurity, m-depth malware scanning, and other provisions to prevent data theft. It is advisable to check the trial version of 14 days to see how comfortable you feel with this app.

Salient Feature

  • Open apps with smart unlock feature when on a reliable Wi-Fi
  • Blocked website accessing thrugh integrated VPN
  • Scan for adware/malware with web protection feature
  • Compatible with Android wear devices Security.png
Norton security has been accredited with offering wide-ranging security solutions to the global brands and MNCs and detecting several high-potential malware. Time and again the company has made the general public aware of the extremely powerful and hidden malware. Its security app is capable of detecting and deleting even the most advanced malware, viruses, and spyware that can steal and leak your sensitive data. Additionally, it also offers you other security capabilities like blocking suspicious numbers/SMS, alarm facility to locate your device if you have misplaced it and locking your phone remotely.

One thing that separates Norton security from its peers is the depth and scope of security it offers. It has categorically developed separate apps for locking suspicious apps (App Locker) or managing passwords (password manager). It means that you can expect an outstanding performance delivery on each aspect.

Salient features

  • Flag unsafe webites during browsing through its safe flagging feature
  • Get notified on unsecured connection through a robust Wi-Fi scanning feature
  • Solution for blocking unwanted or spam calls

AVG Antivirus
For the uninformed the AVG Antivirus is also an arm of Avast software that reaffirms its competence. The phone is equipped with all the essential functionalities and capabilities to competently shield your phone against various security threats with the help of junk cleaning, Wi-Fi security, call blocking features and regular scanning. As an additional capability it can also enhance the performance of your phone with its power-saving and ram boosting features.

It comes with separate standalone apps for cleaning (AVG Cleaner) and VPN Security (AVG secure VPN) which are available for free for the users of the main app. It also offers a 14 days trial period.

Salient features

  • Remove viruses as well as other malicious elemnts with a dynamic dual engine antivirus
  • Lock photographs against unintended access through photovault feature
  • Extended battery life for performance boosting

Image result for Sophos

This power-packed app has been formally recognized for its outstanding security capabilities and sophisticated performance.

It not only saves your mobile from malware, and viruses but also helps you to take complete ownership of your security ecosystem by providing security advice, authentication provisions, and call blocking facility. Other features include app locker and anti-theft.

It is a high stamina app that can detect and smartly take necessary actions against the diverse range of Trojans, viruses, and sophisticated malware to make your mobile safe for use.

Salient features

  • High-end WiFi Security
  • Blocks malicious websites with a solid web filtering system
  • Strong provision to block spam calls
  • Use passcode to protect apps

While the best security practices should help you to protect your crucial information residing on or communicated through your phone, it does not ensures 100% security. For that, you need to rely on competent anti-malware and security apps from premium brands that can detect even the most advanced and hidden malware and also deletes the same with an immediate effect.


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