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Best practices to safeguard your smartphone against damages

Best practices to safeguard your smartphone against damages

The mobile phones are extensively used gadgets that also makes it prone to rough and tough usage. While it is not always possible to offer utmost care to your mobile, you certainly need to be reasonably cautious to enjoy the best value and high durability. In this blog, we are going to discuss some of the most important tips to protect your phone from damages:

Using a good mobile case
A good quality mobile case can play a vital role in protecting it against breakage or scratches. It offers superior all-round protection to the mobile’s body and also prevents it from gathering dust or allowing other particles to settle into its corners/edges. There are various branded and general cases available in the market but what matters the most is safety and convenience. Instead of focusing only on design and colors, it is highly advisable to make sure that the material is durable and there are proper provisions to help you charge your phone or insert the headset or charging pin without any issues. 

Be careful with Screen
Screen is the key part of any mobile and it is extremely fragile and expensive. So, you need to be very careful and avoid mishandling at all costs. You have to be extra cautious when using your mobile on the go or while traveling by train. Repairing a broken screen costs a considerable amount and you may not be able to get the original screen.

Along with cautious handling you should also shield it against occasional rough and tough use. Using a branded screen protector is the best way to protect your mobile screen. Besides keeping it in a mobile holder while traveling is another great option to keep your mobile screen intact. Avoid putting it into your pocket if it already has a bunch of keys or any other solid surfaced items as that can scratch or even break your mobile screen. 

Saving from water
Most of the smartphone users are smart enough to avoid exposing it to rains. However, you need to be equally careful about other instances as well. Did you know that your sweat can also damage your phone? It is also under threat when you are visiting a beach even when you are at some distance from the waves. You never know when a mighty wave can splash water towards you. Here again, you should follow the saying “Prevention is better than cure”. So, put your phone in a well built mobile case with no openings or cut-outs and also make sure that it is made with water-resistant material.


Holding it the right way
While the phones with a widescreen or uncommon shapes (i.e. wider bottom) seem alluring not everyone is comfortable handling them. Especially if you have smaller hands then you might have a tough time handling your mobile phone. Consider here that it becomes all the more challenging while you are traveling and there are increased chances of dropping your phone and damaging it. So, always ensure that you should not only hold your mobile device comfortable but also have a firm grip. Always buy the palm-fit mobiles that are neither too wide nor too narrow for you to handle. The texture also plays a key role. Avoid buying phones with slippery texture and go for the ones with fairly rugged surface for a firm grip.

Responsible handling
Make sure not to put your mobile in the pocket of your tight clothing. Many people put their mobiles in the pocket of their shirt that can be very risky as the shirt’s pocket is smaller than and not as secure as the pocket of your trousers. Even if you must, then make sure that you use the case with a pocket holder. When in house, don’t just give your phone to your kids without supervision as they can either damage it or break the glass. It is best to buy another, simpler low-cost or second-hand mobile for your kids to play games, etc., instead of giving your phone for that purpose.

To retain the looks and quality of your mobile you need to be reasonably cautious while using it especially when you are traveling or using them at public places. A bit of care can allow you to continue enjoying the best features of your phone for a longer period by protecting it from physical or internal damages.


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