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Unthinkable ways in which your WhatsApp can be hacked

Unthinkable ways in which your WhatsApp can be hacked


The recent news on the Whatsapp spying incident has alarmed the Indian users. It has also put a question mark on the the app’s capability of safeguarding the users’ privacy and messages. In this blog, we are going to bust some more myths about WhatsApp safety and also offer some health advice on how to safeguard your sensitive data:


Today several apps make it easy to spy on your mobile, extract the most sensitive information and even check the call history and other vital data. That entire attacker has to do is to get the app installed on your mobile. The malicious elements can also send you the WhatsApp media files that contain spyware (and would be downloaded as you click on the link or download the file to your mobile(.

These cunning apps are wisely designed to work quietly and surreptitiously. So you won’t get any hint about if and when the spyware has been installed, what information it has been extracting or where the information is being sent.

Note:  If you think that the problem is only for second-hand iPhones (jailbroken or rooted) then you are in for a surprise. The advanced apps like mSpy can even work on the brand new and healthy phone.


Whatsapp Web Scanning
With the help of Whatsapp web scan, you can pair your Whatsapp to the web so that it can directly be accessed from your desktop or laptop. It requires QR code scanning in the Whatsapp web section.

It simply means that someone can borrow your phone for a few minutes on the pretext of making a call and scan the QR code on their PC. Once done, they can easily get access to all your previous and upcoming communication including text messages, media, attachments, etc. Needless to say, it can pose a high-security threat, especially if you use Whatsapp for business communication or sharing payment social security or other important information. After a thorough study of the messages they can even communicate directly with your contacts and fool them into disclosing their key data that can be misused.


Updating Numbers
You can change your phone number in Whatsapp by getting an OTP to your old number and submitting the same.

The malicious elements can fool people to proceed for an OTP and sending them the same. They use it for changing the number on Whatsapp (with their number) and install the others’ Whatsapp on their mobile. It gives them the admin rights allowing them to communicate with others (as you) and extract sensitive information or convincing them to perform the actions that are in line with their malicious intentions (like transferring amount or disclosing the business secrets, etc.


Best ways to prevent your Whatsapp from being hacked

  • There are reputed security apps that allow you to lock your apps thus preventing the unintended access. Using this feature would prevent anyone from using your Whatsapp without your permission. Make sure to download only the reputed apps that are available on Google Play Store.
  • It might seem a bit impolite not to share your phone with other people when they ask for a brief use, especially the smartly dressed co-passengers with sophisticated looks. However, it would be better to say no then risking your security. There can be several other ways and tricks to access your Whatsapp ecosystem or spy on you. Here is a better and more polite solution—just tell them that your phone isn’t working.
  • The Google play store carefully vets the apps for security before accepting them. So, you can adjust the setting to restrict installations from the third party unknown sources (other than play store) Which means that no one can be able to install spyware from a third-party website or downloader.

Whatsapp and other apps offer a great asset for smartphone users. However, they are also prone to misuse by hackers and data thieves who can steal your sensitive data with the help of spyware and other malicious viruses. So, it becomes highly important to religiously follow the best safety guidelines to ensure that no one should be able to steal or misuse your vital data. .


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