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5 best smartwatches to suit different needs and budgets

5 best smartwatches to suit different needs and budgets

The market of smartwatches is growing at a fairly good rate and today there is a large variety of smartwatches that cater to different budgets and requirements. However, choosing the best smartwatch could be a tough task due to so many options. In this blog post, we are presenting 5 best smartwatch models to suit different need and budget that can help you in choosing the right model for you:

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SAMSUNG Gear S3 Frontier Smartwatch

The watch offers comfortable viewing with a reasonably bigger super AMOLED screen of 33.03mm. It is well protected by Gorilla Glass SR+ that offers a nice cushion against occasional rough and tough usage, under the hood, the watch is powered by a 1GHz CPU with dual-core, and packs 4 GB internal memory and 768 MB RAM. The Lithium-ion battery allows it a fairly good performance making it a perfect companion for long or multiple workout sessions. It is operated by Tizen OS The GPS-enabled watch has a touch screen and offers 2 control buttons on the side, a gyroscope earth sensor rate and a barometer. It is shock-proof and decently resists wat7er and temperature fluctuations. The company offers a warranty for 1-year.


  • The watch can easily be used with either android or iOS smartphones without compromising the performance
  • You can choose either manual on or always-on mode as per your convenience and requirement
  • The battery has a quite long life and can last an entire day plus several more hours without restricting the fair usage
  • You would be offered a few appealing pre-installed watch faces to offer you a better design choice
  • You won’t find it difficult to change the band in the future



  • The watch has a bolder and masculine look that can disappoint and discourage the women users
  • The watch works best with Samsung Smartphone but when paired with other brands it needs additional apps for functioning properly.

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Apple Watch Series 4

This iOS-powered watch sports a larger screen for better clarity and assures retina-friendly display with its LTPO OLED Retina display with force touch.

The watch packs 16GB memory which is quite good. It comes preloaded with GPS and has well-positioned buttons on both sides for power and navigation purpose. It can be connected via Bluetooth 5.0 and wifi. The watch is loaded with both optical and electrical sensors and its default watch face is wisely designed to offer all the key information at a glance. You can wear it during heavy workouts and even while swimming as the watch is water-resistant and swim resistant. It offers a good variety of bands to choose from. The watch offers an above-average experience when it comes gyroscope and accelerometer



  • Sophisticated looks and refined features
  • Lightweight design
  • Touch sensor responds promptly
  • Equipped with speaker and mic


  • Naming a workout/activity is a pretty demanding process and could have been more user-friendly
  • The interface is not shielded against unintentional presses during workouts or activities.

Image result for Amazfit Verge IP69 Smart WatchAmazfit Verge IP69 Smart Watch

This smartwatch sports a 38.1 mm AMOLED screen for refined display experience. The screen has as scratch proof surface. It is powered by dual-core CPU and has a total RAM o 512 MB. You can pick your favorite from as many as 13 different watch faces. The watch offers a detailed range of sports modes with 11 built-in options. You would also love the sophisticated GPS+GLONASS dual-satellite positioning system capable of fetching a wide range of information on various physical activities and workouts.

Its superior tracking system can accurately track sleep, heart rate, health, and fitness. The build quality doesn’t disappoint either. You would need Bluetooth .2 for connection.


  • User-friendly interface with speaker and mic
  • 285+ hours of battery life
  • Power saving optical sensor with superiors quality
  • More than sufficient flash memory in this price range
  • Budget-friendly pricing


  • The body is not scratch-proof
  • Bright light or direct sunlight affects the visual experience
  • Lacks sufficient storage space

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Samsung Gear Sport Smartwatch

The watch offers a fairly good display of 30.48mm and AMOLED screen for a crisp and clear display. The smartwatch derives its power from Tizen batter which is developed by Samsung. The bezel has a rotating capability that can be used for navigation purposes. The smartwatch can easily be charged anywhere as it comes with a wireless charging dock.


  • It has a decent battery life that can offer reliable performance for up to 3 days when sufficiently charged
  • Good build quality assures better durability.
  • Specially designed to offer a comfortable experience even if you wear the entire day
  • You can choose between always on or on/off mode
  • Bezel enabled controls make it easy to access different widgets quickly and effortlessly
  • Takes oral instructions for texts and message management
  • Supports swimming activity as it is water-resistant even at a fair depth
  • Sports tracking results need some improvement


  • Limited apps choice
  • Voice commands response ate is a bit slow

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Fitbit Versa Health and Fitness Smartwatch

The 34.036 mm screen with a color LCD allows for a retina-friendly visual experience. The watch assures uniformly good performance on iOS as well as android and can accurately track 15 exercise/activity types making it an ideal companion for monitoring a complete average exercise schedule


3-axis accelerometer offers better than average performance and it also has advanced functionality for accurate heart rate monitoring. The watch sports a vibration motor and comes loaded with an ambient light sensor. You can connect to with either Bluetooth or wifi


You can pick our favorite watch face from a fairly wide range of options. You can choose from a good variety of colors like grey, lavender, charcoal, black, and grey. Then he offers 2 years f warranty.


  • It can resist water up to 50 meters that makes it ideal smartwatch for regular swimmers
  • Advanced sleep tracking capability
  • Lightweight design
  • The balanced visual appeal makes it equally good for males as well as females



  • It actively supports music clovers with a storage capacity of as many as 300 different tracks
  • Offer fitness-focused coaching on screen.
  • Doesn’t have a micro USB charger
  • Only text notifications
  • Doesn’t support responding to texts/message with iPhone
  • Lacks GSP and has a Limited availability of apps



When it comes to the smartwatch, one might find it a bit difficult to buy the right model which precisely meets their needs and budget. You need to be careful while investing in the smartwatches as they can be quite expensive. So, the readers are advised to carefully check the reviews and usability features and compare the prices before buying a smartwatch.

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