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Noise Shots X-Buds Review- Reasonably good earbuds at fair prices

Noise Shots X-Buds Review- Reasonably good earbuds at fair prices

Due to the convenience and user-friendly experience, the earbuds are experiencing a wide popularity. Noise Shots X-Buds is one of the latest earbuds model that has been recently launced in the market. These buds are available in an alluring solid matte black finish and are available at a price tag of Rs.3,999 which quite economical for its product category as well as the quality and feature it packs.


The earbuds come in a minimalist basic design that concentrates more on comfortable use and sophisticated look rather than overtly stylish appearance. The earbuds have a stem extending from without hurting their sober appeal, thanks to the short extension and wise finishing touch. The earbuds come in 3 different sizes to suit different ear tips. Unlike Air pods, these earbuds have a curvaceous rectangular design that not only looks nicer but also sits well into your ears. They are well secured in your ears and don’t dislodge even during reasonable movements but don’t venture for hair down moments wearing these earbuds.

The earbuds are nicely packed inside a comfortably bigger oval shaped designer case with a modest width and fine design that perfectly cushions the earbuds and don’t allow them to slide when the case is opened. A bit thought on easy removing of earbuds could have improved the overall user experience, though.

Functionality, features and user experience
On the case you would spot a single micro USB port for charging the earbuds and the battery is indicated trough the four LEDs on the front. A sufficient single charging can offer a life of four hours. Further simplifying when used reasonably you can enjoy the performance of several days up to the week when you charged it sufficiently. So overall the battery has a sufficient life for the average user. The case as we have already discussed is wisely designed and you would also love the solid build quality that also reflects in the visual appeal thus further elevating its luxury quotient.

Just like other wireless earbuds the noise also runs on gesture control. Tapping twice on right earbud triggers play/pause mode and for moving to the next track you need to tap thrice. For going back to the previous tracks tap thrice on the left earbud. Sliding the right earbud will increase the volume while the same action on the left earbud will decrease it. For call functionality, you need to tap for answering, double-tap to end and for rejecting a call you need to press for some moments. These controls work uniformly on either air bud. For activating VA like Siri or Google Assistant you need to touch the earbud.

The basic functions of controlling the volume work pretty fine but the experience isn’t that positive when working with other controls like accepting/rejecting a call, or working with play/pause mode. It is a bit annoying and you need some time to master the gestures but still, you face the instances where right gestures result in wrong or unintended actions. Some instances are manageable like starting VA when you gestured for going to the next track. Others can be irritating like a call getting rejected when you gestured for answering it.

The phone also lacks smart pairing capability and you need to manually pair your earbuds with the Bluetooth which seems a bit primitive when compared to the smart automated pairing technology in Air pods and Samsung and other leading brands. The sound quality id fairly good but you may find some performance inconsistency when using it for a long time

Quality of Sound
Just like other earbuds the Noise is also focused more on convenience rather than sound quality and we need to keep this in mind while reviewing the sound quality. When compared with other earbuds like Air pods and Samsung the Noise doesn’t disappoint as the mid-range sound pretty nice and maximizing the volume makes the sound solid and bold without altering the tonal quality thus offering you a refined experience. You would also enjoy the deep and robust bass quality. If this is your first time buying the earbuds then here’s friendly advice for you- you might find the sound quality a bit inferior and it is the characteristic of earbud (as we already stated) and has almost nothing to with the brand quality. For confirming you can even try Air pods or Samsung earbuds and you would find even they fail to deliver the premium sound experience.

That said if you have average music choice (classics and popular) then you would admire the fair sound quality. However, the keen lovers of the specific genre like jazz or indie rock or music connoisseurs may find some tangible fluctuations in the quality. Other than music the audio experience of watching TV series or listening to audio presentations is quite good and refined.

Final Verdict
Noise shots X-Buds are more about convenience and key features rather than design. So don’t expect a designer outlook like Apple AirPods. X-Buds offers an understated yet sophisticated look and on the positive note, it offers a sturdy build material that assures high durability. It is not a feature-rich model and some of the users’ features also lack consistency as we already stated. However, it does excel when it comes to some key delivery areas. They don’t hurt the ears and you can wear them for a long time without feeling the pain or pinch.

They are available in an appealing black matte design that offers it a bold and solid look. However, you need to be careful in your movements as brisk movements can easily dislodge them. The sound quality is fairly good and in this price bracket, you cannot expect a better quality especially when we talk about earbuds. One thing that spoils the balance of pros an cons is the inferior gesture control that lacks consistency and leaves you surprised (and annoyed) at how did the right gestures resulted in a wrong or unintended function and why does the same gesture deliver varying results at times. It is certainly a flaw that restricts the user experience and the company needs to provide an immediate solution.


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