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5 secret ways to make your Android device more friendly

5 secret ways to make your Android device more friendly

Due to their utility, affordability and versatile approach the android devices have already claimed a major portion of the market. Along with the basic functions like making or receiving calls, browsing and setting alarms, you can even use your Android phone as an efficient assistant for various business tasks, creating or watching awesome media, entertainment purposes, etc. – thanks to a large array of apps. But did you know that your android device also have some specific functionality options that are less popular but they can save a huge amount of time and effort? Let us know about 5 such less popular but highly efficient functionalities of android phones:


Work on two apps in split-screen
Working simultaneously with two apps can be a bit uncomfortable as both cannot be opened at the same time which means you have to switch alternatively between two different apps. But the users of Android 7.0 can work on both apps in the single interface by enabling split-screen mode. It will compress your app in the top half and allow you to select another app that will occupy the remaining half-space of the screen. You can also adjust the amount of space for each app by dragging the divider. It is just like working in the split-screen mode of Windows. You would have to set it by going to the top of the preview and press the app icon for a few moments to enable split-screen mode.


Photo Backup
Not backing up your photos can place you in the tight corner in case your phone is lost or spoiled. But you can easily prevent this situation. Just go to the Google Photos app and instruct it to automatically back up your photos. The process is quick and intuitive as you just need to follow the prompts for switching on the auto-backup mode. Generally, you won’t need to change the default settings as it already allows for the best quality and unlimited storage. Thus it compresses your photos without hurting the quality. You also have an option to save the original version of images but that would consume more space and you won’t get the unlimited storage option. You can save them in your Drive storage space that has a maximum capacity of 15 GB which can be extended further by selecting a paid option.


Enable OK Google for using everywhere in your mobile
Most of the android users must already be knowing that saying OK Google in the search box will automatically start the search but did you know that it is possible to make Ok Google work across all places in your android phone.

  • Open search settings in your mobile
  • Look for the option Access with Voice Match
  • Say OK Google multiple times so that the device can pick up your voice
  • That’s all. Now you can use OK Google anywhere in your mobile to enable quick access.



Reduce power consumption
You won’t like to run out of power when you need it the most. Thankfully there’s a way to automatically save power. These settings are available on the battery menu and you just need to enable the power-saving mode. It will prompt your phone to adjust different settings in such a way that the power consumption could be reduced to minimum levels like reducing screen brightness, and reasonably bringing down the speed of CPU without spoiling your overall browsing experience. Some mobile phones may also offer multiple power-saving modes to offer you better control over the power consumption by selecting the best option as per the power availability.

Customize your user interface
You don’t need to stress yourself if you aren’t happy with the User Interface of your phone. There is a better solution to this issue than wrestling with your phone while working on it. The reputed brands come with an inbuilt custom UI that allows you to personalize your experience. So, you can make your unruly device easily maneuverable by installing Action Launcher, Nova Launcher or other suitable option. It will allow you to fully tailor your UI experience by organizing apps, editing the icons, gesture assigning and several other accessibility features. This option can be accessed by going to system settings and selecting the Home menu.


For the optimum user experience, the android devices come with several utility options and settings but not many people know about the same. However, if you wisely use these options then you can save a huge amount of time while multiplying productivity.

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