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5 best external microphones for your smartphones

5 best external microphones for your smartphones

Audio quality plays a vital role in recording videos and it becomes all the more important if you wish to start your vlog, run podcasts or publish video interviews. No audience would appreciate a video with choppy audio or lots of background noise. So, many times it becomes necessary to use the external mic to enrich the audio quality. With so many options available in the market it is very easy to get confused. That is why we have carefully compiled this list of best external mics that you can use with your Smartphone to enjoy a premium audio quality:


Rode SmartLavPlus Lavalier Microphone
Rode SmartLavPlus doesn’t come cheap but it offers a great value for its price tag. It employs TRRS Jack and offers maximum compatibility that makes it the ideal choice for recording interviews. It is specially designed and provisioned to efficiently prevent the background noise by enabling you to capture the sound in the preferred direction. The frequency range of this microphone is 20-20000 Hz. Its cable is of comfortable length and is supported by the accessories like the well-designed mounting clip, pouch, and windshields, the build quality of microphone as well as the supporting accessories is excellent that allows for high durability. The condenser capsule comes is Omni-directional and assures high competency. You will get a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase. One thing to keep in mind is that your Smartphone should be TRRS compatible.


Audio Technica ATR-3350iS Omni Lavalier Microphone
If you lean on a reasonably cost mix with a decent experience then the Audio Technica ATR3350IS Omni Lavalier Microphone could be a good fit for you. This Omni Directional mic is capable of capturing sound from different directions with uniform efficiency it is a good choice for versatile use as its dual output plugs are compatible with different devices. Along with the Smartphone, you can also connect it to DSLR, camera or even portable audio recording device. Its frequency range is 50-18,000Hz. The audio can be recorded in both channels (left and right) with the same output quality. Along with the main product the other supporting accessories include foam windscreen, an LR44 Battery and a clip.


Boya Omni-directional Lavalier Condenser Microphone
This reasonably priced mic assures an agreeable sound quality along with some other positive features like a comfortably large cable, sturdily built material, and versatility. It comes with a ¼” adopter to connect the microphone with your Smartphone. This Omni Directional microphone can competently minimize background noise to assure an excellent sound quality and a better quality that gives a professional appeal to the entire recording session. This feature along with longer 20Ft cable and multi-device compatibility makes it an ideal option for professional projects like taking interviews. The frequency range of this mic is 65-18000Hz. Along with the main product the price also covers metal lapel clip, a foam windscreen, an LR44 battery, and a leather pouch.


Generic Clip-on Mini Lapel Lavalier Microphone
Though not as powerful as the 3 mics we have reviewed, it is a great fit for the Generic Clip On Mini Lapel Lavalier Microphone (Rs. 172) does come with the quality that surpasses its modest price tag. It clearly can’t be a good option for your YouTube videos but it still offers you an enriched audio quality with agreeable clarity thanks to its Omnidirectional capacities that are much better than its competitors in the same price bracket. You can employ TRRS jack for audio recording through smartphones. Its frequency range is 20-20,000 Hz and comes with a 1.5 meter of cable. It comes with a clip and a 3.5mm jack.


JT Handheld Wireless Microphone with Bluetooth Speaker
Along with the versatility and high potential it also offers you multipurpose capabilities. You can use it as a portable Bluetooth speaker by wirelessly conning it to your mobile through apps which are a handy option for interviewing more than one participant or conducting podcast sessions. Alternatively, you can also use connect it through 3.5mm audio cable as well. Its frequency range is 100-10,000Hz. The voice clarity, flexibility, and Bluetooth feature make it a go-to option for different purposes like recording interviews, YouTube sessions for live travel stories, and skill exhibitions/audition clips for instrumental music or singing- to name a few. 


Good audio quality is vitally important for any recording session- be it for personal viewing, social media sharing or professional Youtube channel. External mics can easily enhance your audio quality and offer an enriched experience to the audience. In the best interest of readers, it is advisable to carefully go through unbiased reviews of different mics in order to choose the best option that fits your specific purpose.

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