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HyperX Cloud Alpha S- A great headset for the gaming fans

HyperX Cloud Alpha S- A great headset for the gaming fans

The latest games come with advanced technology and allow for an immersive experience that invites the users to explore and exhibit the best of their skills. Sound plays a vital role here as many of these games are themed on hide-and-seek exploration or fighting guerrilla wars. So, you need a high-quality gaming headphone that offers sophisticated sound experience. One of the latest names in this segment is HyperX Cloud Alpha S which comes with a powerful 7.1 surround sound and is specially designed for gaming fans. At Rs.13, 200 it is certainly not the cheap model when it comes to the price but what about the quality and user experience? Does it really justify its price tag? Let us find it out in this review:


Design and Comfort
The HyperX Cloud Alpha S sports a minimalist design and doesn’t have any extravaganza around it like LED lights or hyper looks. It offers a soothing modest appeal to it and also enhances its usability quotient. Its over the head foam frame has comfortably large ear cups that fully surround the ears and doesn’t let any external noise interrupt with your gaming experience. The ear cups carry a fine-looking Blue HyperX logo stamped on it.

The headphone comes with a detachable microphone and a 3.5mm jack port. You will find both the ports in the left ear cup. Each ear cup has the slits that facilitate the bass adjustment through sliders. Sliders are wisely designed and its big and small hole facilitates optimum bass quality by providing better cavity and more room for air reverberation. The microphone looks impressive and offers a better clarity by its breath filtration feature through a well-secured sponge.

The ear cups are wisely built for maximum comfort. Its interior design offers proper cushion and wearing them for long neither hurts the ear nor causes any discomfort. You will get an additional ear cup sponge’s pair to be used when the primary one is used up. The headphone has made fine use of faux leather in its overall design. Faux leather is used over the ear cup sponges, under the headband and top of the headband frame.

Performance and User Experience
Being a gaming headphone it assures precise directional sound that allows you to distinguish the footsteps, identify the direction of sounds, gauge the distance and find out the surface on which you or your opponent is treading. In short, it satisfies all the sound qualities that play a vital role in hide-seek, combats guerrilla and similar types of games. However, the audio qualities needed for an excellent music experience are different and the headphone disappoints on that front. Mid and lows, for example, doesn’t have high quality.

Bass experience is much better when it comes to highs and mids but you would be disappointed by the quality of lows. The length of cable with a mixer attached is so large that it interferes with proper management. It has a clip to secure it to the shirt’s pocket

Another limitation that you would notice is that the headphone lacks its proprietary volume control and it can only adjust the device volume. So your sound experience is largely limited by the device’s capacity. On the positive note, the headphone comes with a 7.1 ultrasound for an enriched audio experience.



  • Lightweight, User-friendly architecture
  • Modest design
  • Advanced audio qualities for the optimum gaming experience
  • Excellent sound clarity
  • Great at canceling surrounding noise
  • Good build quality
  • Comfortably large ear cups


  • Uncomfortably long cable
  • Mediocre mids and lows quality


The HyperX Cloud Alpha S is a distinguished headphone for the gaming purpose whether it comes to the audio quality or long hours wearing comfort. The dual option of 3.5 mm Jack or USB adds to its adaptability as well.

However, it is not the right headphone for listening to music as it lacks the right qualities that are required for refined music experience. Especially the quality of lows disappoints. Moreover, the long cable makes it an uphill task to manage it. In short, it is among the best headsets for the gaming fans but the music fans may not be finding it impressive.

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