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Protect your phone’s screen with these powerful screen protectors

Protect your phone’s screen with these powerful screen protectors

The screen is the most important part of any phone and it is among the costliest parts. Especially if you are using a premium quality branded phone then buying a new screen could be a very expensive affair. Thus it is very important to protect it from damages, stains, and smudges. The best way to protect your phone’s screen is to use a good quality Screen Protector. To help you make the right choice, we have compiled a list of 5 best screen protectors for your Smartphone. Here is the unbiased review: 

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Screen Protector, ONSON
The Screen protector is equipped with the advanced hardware features which offer it a superior overall quality. Its reinforced architecture efficiently protects it against shattering. You also get the maximum protection against scratches thanks to its 9H hardness rating.

The embedded pixel grid technology makes it highly responsive while the full edge protection also protects your phone’s edges from harm’s way.

Moreover it a thoughtfully added various cleaning/supportive accessories to further enrich the experience. The set includes screen guard, microfiber cloth, dust remover, and alcohol pad. You don’t have to worry about the bubbles during the installation process, thanks to its drop-in alignment applicator.

The readers are advised to carefully watch the installation video before installing the screen guard to save it from unintentional damage due to faulty handling.


Galaxy Note 8 Screen Protector, ZUOXI Tempered Glass
Don’t be deceived by its thin glass as it is extremely tough and offers solid protection against various damage types. The thin layer also facilitates a quick response. As for the scratch-proof capabilities, its hardness rating is 9H.

It is wisely sized that allows it to comfortably and quickly fit into the protective case.

You can choose from 2 color options- black and clear. Along with the main protector, the other accessories of the package are 3 wet wipes, 3 dry wipes, and 3 dust absorbers.

High clarity, extreme toughness and reliable durability make this protector a perfect option to protect your expensive phone against damages, scratches, and dent.

iPhone X Screen Protector

It assures a nearly cent percent light transmittance so that you can enjoy an uninterrupted view. The tempered glass is of superior quality and conforms to the best levels of security. Along with damages it also protects your phone from smudges left by your fingerprints while handling it. It makes this glass a go-to option for the worry-free outdoor use even while you are traveling via public commuting or walking through a polluted street, factory or warehouse.

The protector a firm group and you can expect zero-bubble installation. It is tough enough to decently protect your phone against occasional and unintentional drops without being cracked.

Film Glass Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus
Along with the usual screen protector, you also get an additional screen protector for the future use in case the default protector is damaged or dented. It also saves you from the aftermath of faulty installation.

The phone competently protects the screen against fingerprint impressions and stains. With its entire edge protection capability, you can expect solid protection against your phone’s edges as well. However, one disappointing factor is that it isn’t as responsive as the ones we have mentioned above. Along with general wear-outs, it also protects your phone’s screen from various scratches by sharp or pointed edges.

In the pack, you would find a good range of supportive accessories including 2 protectors, wet and dry wipes, dust removal sticker, microfiber cleaning cloth, and a guide on how to put the protector on your phone.

Mr.Shield [Tempered Glass] Screen Protector For iPhone 6 / iPhone 6S
If you are looking for an economical yet efficient way to protect your phone’s screen then it is the name that comes to the mind. It efficiently shields your phone against damages by drops or scratches. You would also love the honest replacement warranty that is valid for the lifetime. It is also appreciable that you would get around cent percent HD clarity. The responsiveness doesn’t disappoint either.

The fact that it doesn’t offer edge to edge protects may not be looked as a shortcoming or limitation as to the curved edges if iPhone makes it practically impossible to cover it entirely without spoiling the overall look. So, the readers are devised to use a good quality mobile cover as well.

The entire kit contains the protectors, instructions, scratching card, cleaning cloth, dust collector, and removing the tape.

What you may not like is that the installation process is a bit tricky ad prone to scratches and bubbles. 

Due to its importance, price, and usability, your phone screen deserves extreme care and the best protection against damages and stains. By using a good quality screen protector you can efficiently protect your phone’s screen but you need to be careful while finding the best phone screen for your favorite model.

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