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Best must-buy phones for social media fans

Best must-buy phones for social media fans


Social media platforms have constantly been experiencing extensive growth and with the advent of new platforms and applications like snap chat, Instagram and interest (along with major names like FB, Linkedin, and Twitter), have further boosted its progress. One of the major concerns of the ardent social media fans is to remain always connected with their favorite social media platform and the best answer is mobile phones. With a mobile phone, you can carry your social media platform in your pocket. However, if you want to enjoy the best social media experience then you need to invest in the phones that come loaded with various social media-friendly features like excellent camera, dependable battery life, and other user-friendly features. Lt we take a look on this list of the best mobile phones for social media fans:

 Image result for iPhone XS Max

iPhone XS Max
The iPhone XS Max offers the exotic images, high-end hardware excellent speed with some user-friendly features that make it the right phone for the social media fans who wish to spend hours on social media without any hassles, issues, and limitations.

The phone offers some excellent options for a better media experience in terms of both image shooting and video recording.

The best thing is that the phone also allows you to further notch up the media quality as it supports external media accessories like flash, tripod, and lenses.

The above said features makes the phone an excellent option not only for the social media fans but also the one who heavily depend on the social media for their business or professions like professional bloggers, Instagram influencers, and digital marketers.

The rear and front camera have strong capabilities to deliver outstanding output in terms of image quality, clarity, and details.


Image result for Galaxy Note 9

Galaxy Note 9
Galaxy Note 9 comes with excellent capacity and a sharp processor to offer you dependable performance. Moreover, its camera is capable of producing enchanting image quality which allows you to impress your social media friends with awesome vacation or party images. The strong battery along with LED-based notification makes it an excellent option for social media aficionados.

One of the features that you would love is the always-on display that allows you to check the quick social media info even in the sleep mode.

You get two storage options to choose from 128 GB and 512 GB and both can be expanded through the card that allows you to take and store a huge repertoire of images and videos.

The phone’s advanced media technology also allows for super slow motion that further personalizes the video shooting experience and allows you to share the videos that will simply mesmerize your social medic audience.

 Image result for Pixel 3 XL

Pixel 3 XL
Video features are getting highly popular on social media and this phone is a perfect model for you if you wish to enjoy the maximum potential of video in your social media activities.

The phone’s 12.2 MO single rear camera the phone delivers excellent zoom and awesome boke effect along with some social media-friendly addition like Night Sight. It efficiently brightens up the photos taken in low light conditions and you won’t notice any artificial brightness as the phone retains the original character of the image. One of the major concerns of social media aficionados is to choose the best image shot for sharing with their friends. The phone solves this issue with its top shot option that takes a series of different shots and its innovative ML (Machine Learning) capabilities pick up the best moment’s shot that is worthy of sharing with your social media fans.

In the front you get a second wide-angle lens that can render awesome group selfies with better details and vivid clarity.

Image result for Galaxy S9+Galaxy S9+
Galaxy Note 9 so an awesome phone but its price tag might be deterrent. In that case, you can look for its closest match Galaxy S9+

The phone’s 12 MP rear camera not only delivers excellent images during daylight but also renders an impressive image quality during low lights without any grains or noise.

Bokeh effect is quite appealing and autofocus is fairly responsive that allow for capturing the precise moment’s something which is a rat asset for the ardent photographers.

The performance, as well as the battery life, is good and the UI is quite friendly with an organized look and neatly visible icons and fonts. The processor is capable enough to allow you for multitasking without registering any lags or inconsistency which means that you can edit the images and play games without having to close your social media apps.


The social media lovers like to remain always connected with their favorite social media platform. If you wish to savor the maximum potential of social media (sharing images, playing games with our friends and watching live videos) then you need to look for high capacity phones with an excellent camera, solid performance, durable battery life, and friendly user interface.


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