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Fitzer Ka Fitness band- Complete review with pros, cons and verdict

Fitzer Ka Fitness band- Complete review with pros, cons and verdict


Fitzer Ka is the flagship fitness band model of the US mobile accessory brands Amzer. Though it cannot be called the perfect brand the fitness band is loaded with some good user-friendly features and is available at an affordable price tag of Rs.2, 999. However, what matters the most is the experience that it delivers. So, let us read about the same in this unbiased end to end review.



The headphone comes with a rubber band as well as a detachable core. The core houses a micro USB port for charging and the USB cable is included in the package. Connect it to your desktop or laptop for charging the device.


The comfortably large band with multiple holes can perfectly cater to the different wrist sizes including the fairly broad wrists. You can choose from 3 different colors- Blue, pink and black.


The micro USB port is present on the side panel of the core. It has a physical key for checking stats and updates on the LED display.


The LED display offers fairly good visibility but attracts scratches which means you need to invest extra care while wearing it. However, the occasional splashes should not harm it as it is splash-free.


This Bluetooth enabled device can quickly be paired with your Smartphone by a simple mechanism. For that, you need to go to your app store (Google Play store/iOS store) and download the Fitzer app. It is worth mentioning that you need either Android 4.3 or iOS 7.0 (or higher) versions for downloading the app.


Upon opening, the app will prompt you to turn on the Bluetooth and after that, you just need to click on Fitzer option from the menu icon in the left pane. Now send a wireless signal by clicking the relevant button on your Fitzer Ka. Next, click “scan” on your device. It will pair Fitza with your device.

The Bluetooth connection doesn’t work uniformly though and sometime it may fail to connect even when you follow the standard process. So, you may need multiple attempts.

After getting connected open the personal center and enter the key details/stats like weight, height. Based on these detail the app will automatically calculate the total calories that will be consumed during workouts or physical activities.

The personal center also allows you for enabling other functions as well like setting reminder or alarms to properly maintain your health schedule.

The app lacks the personalized messages based on the set goals which are something that doesn’t impress.

However, the app has its fair share of frustrations as well like the data may be deleted f the device is discharged in the middle of recording stats. Also, it lacks automatic data syncing and the sleep pattern recording isn’t accurate either. Likewise, you can notice some irritating surprises more than often- like the data being erased without any reason.

The history is rendered in a user-friendly graphical format that gives you a quick idea of your progress but it would have been great if there was a dedicated option to see the precise historical stats separated by days and weeks. So, if you are a hard taskmaster then it could be a limitation that you cannot ignore.

It doesn’t come with any assistance service either.


The battery life doesn’t disappoint as it can last for 2- 3 days on a single charge.


  • Convenient to use
  • Highly accurate step count
  • Splash-resistant
  • Easily chargeable with MicroUSB port


  • Scratche-prone
  • App lacks accuracy and efficieny


The device comes with the good build quality and does not disappoint when it comes to the key functionalities but the app with which it works, offers a mediocre experience thus preventing you to extract the full potential out of the device.


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