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Lenovo HX03F Spectra fitness band- Fits pocket and delivers good UI but don’t expect anything more

Lenovo HX03F Spectra fitness band- Fits pocket and delivers good UI but don’t expect anything more

Lenovo has launched HX30 Spectra – two designer fitness bands with a friendly price tag and sophisticated features.

Design and navigation
The HX 30F sports a subdued yet impressive design with minimalist appeal, Its 0.96” display is retina-friendly and offers a soothing resolution. Various options can be navigated quickly from a single touch area. You would find a fine heart rate monitor at the bottom. Its high-grade Silicone straps are flexible and skin-friendly. The straps are convenient to wear and you can detach them quickly by twisting them. The matte finish offers it a more appealing look.

Most of the fitness bands need extra cables for charging while others compel you to juggle with unfriendly charging slots due to their awkward position. Thankfully, Lenovo has invested the practical wisdom to offer you a friendly charging option. The fitness band comes with a USB charging slot placed in its central unit which further enriches the user experience by giving you an option to conveniently charge it through a USB port.

Unlike its competitors in the same price bracket that come with a Black and White display, the Lenovo fitness brand offers you a friendly color display. While it doesn’t deliver the outstanding viewing experience, you can manage it with some compromises. The display has some limitations like the brightness level is lower and the text is illegible when checking in the direct sunlight.

Features and User Interface
The band comes with a straightforward user-friendly UI with a neatly organized look and quick menu navigation. A white circle at the bottom indicates the touch area. It supports multiple activities and tasks and you can easily enable your desired option/mode like sports mode, heart rate, general info, steps, etc.

Tapping and holding for a few moments will change the watch dial to your desired watch face- analog, digital, etc. Selecting different modes is uniformly simple. All you have o do is to tap multiple times for bringing next option and hold the desired option for a few moments to enable it

The band offers a fair accuracy for its heartbeat monitoring but you can observe a discrepancy in counting when it comes to the steps. In this aspect, the band might disappoint you especially when you compare it with its peers. Slow-moving or even commuting on a vehicle will also be counted as steps which result in inaccuracy.

Power  and Performance
Connecting the band with Lenovo health application is easy and quick. This app comes with a minimalist, friendly UI and displays diverse key records including but not limited to burnt calories, sleep tracking, steps count, and heart rate- among others. Tapping on any specific record will open the detailed mode to dive deeper into the specific details.

The battery life isn’t long and a single charge won’t go beyond 5 days (maximum) with restricted usage. If you go for comfortable ( not heavy) usage then it will come down to 3 days. Colour display could be the major reason for lower battery life. As already stated the friendly USB port makes it extremely easy to charge the band whether at home or while traveling to another place. All you have to do is just plug eh strip in the USB port.

Coloured display of Lenovo offers it a better appeal though it comes with some restrictions. Friendly UI and easy charging facility further enhances the overall user experience and makes it a perfect fitness band while traveling. However, the band fails to impress when it comes to the efficiency or features as there isn’t anything unique that distinguishes it from other bands in the same price bracket.

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