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Logic3 Ferrari Cavallino T150 earphones: Luxurious earphones for the Ferrari fans

Logic3 Ferrari Cavallino T150 earphones: Luxurious earphones for the Ferrari fans


If you are an ardent Ferrari fan and a music lover then you would be delighted to know that the Logic3 Ferrari Cavallino T150 earphones offer you high-quality earphones with the premium design features that is inspired by Ferrari. Let us check the complete review including design, display, and performance and user experience:

Design and Build Quality
This lightweight device stands out due to its awesome design definition and high build quality. The earbuds are made from high-quality aluminum and come with a chrome finishing that offers it a sophisticated appeal. The design is finally accentuated by a Ferrari logo- that acts as the ultimate stamp of luxury. Its tangle-free cable comes with a woven fabric coating that also offers it a cushioned look.

The earphones have wisely used the Ferrari characteristics to offer it an appealing visual look and it is perfectly devised to instantly attract the Ferrari fans. The aluminum coating on the earphone shells have a black glossy finishing in high-quality plastic that is further highlighted with its surface covered in textured soft leather. In short, the brand has incorporated every ingredient in the right amount for a fine recipe to celebrate the Ferrari Spirit.

The cable has an in-line microphone on its right. The buttons are made of refined metal. Its strip looks awesome with a brushed aluminum coating on the surface. It has a standard audio jack with aluminum shell support.

Its silicone Eartops are available in 3 different sizes to cater to different needs- small, medium and large. Its carry case is square-shaped comes with a fabric coating. You can secure the device with a zipper.

User Experience
The wisely designed ear tips made of high-quality material neither irritates the skin nor dislodge easily even when you are moving. The only shortcoming here is that it has a leather coating that can easily be spoiled in specific outdoor conditions which makes it unsuitable to be worn during workouts. So, if you love your exercises with a beat of your favorite music then you should seriously consider this point. However, it is safe to assume that almost none of the buyers buys premium Ferrari inspired earbuds for daily rough and tough use.

Sound and audio quality
The device offers an intense bass experience with its tin fill m acoustic technology. The frequency range is equally appreciable due to its wide range of frequency. It makes the device an ideal asset for heavy bass lovers. However, sometimes the bass may be a bit too deep to be endured.

Changing the range can significantly optimize the bass levels. The high range can maintain the right balance and for enjoying the accentuated bass you should preferably switch to the mid-range. Then there are some other friendly features to personalize your music experiences like triple flange for appreciating the details of particular genres and noise isolation to eliminate the outside noise for enjoying the maximum your favorite music to its fullest.

It has a strong volume and the maximum levels are capable of creating a trembling impact with a literal vibration feeling inside your ears.

Along with Android and Window phone you can pair the Logic3 Ferrari Cavallino T150 earphones with your Blackberry device as well. The best thing is that you would expense the uniform sound quality regardless often device with which y par the headphone.

Just like any other heavy designed earphone you need to be cautious while moving as the ear tips may skip from your ears if you are not cautious enough. It is best to be worn while lying down or sitting in a relaxed mode.


  • Ferrari inspired looks
  • Ideal for bass fans


  • Bass-heavy experience
  • Very Expensive


Logic3 Ferrari Cavallino T150 earphones are Ferrari-inspired designer earphones that are quite expensive but fully justify their cost due to the distinct design definition and an excellent bass-friendly sound with the best potential. Though it comes with 3 different ear tips sizes, it isn’t recommended to be worn outdoors or while moving as the shell-based ear tips may skip out of your ears. Moreover, these earphones are built specifically with bass lovers in mind so you can find it biased towards the bass experience and it negatively impacts the performance of other genres like acoustic or popular Bollywood numbers. So, if you are looking for a user-friendly device with the best functionality then you also have other options to choose from but if you are an ardent Ferrari fan then these earbuds offer you the best value for your money.


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