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Realme 3i: The price is impressive but lacks efficiency

Realme 3i: The price is impressive but lacks efficiency

The Realmi 3i is a fine looking model with fairly good performance and it is affordably priced at Rs.7,999 which seems fair enough, especially when we look at the features of the phone. But what about the quality and overall user experience? Is it the right phone for you? Let us check the details of features, user experience and other important details that can help you to take an informed decision:

The diamond-cut finish of the phone has a sharp and distinct look and is further enhanced with a matte finish. The surface is quite reflective and producing a mesmerizing colorful effect when it comes in contact with external light. The advanced laser carving technique also allows for a firm grip and the new model can efficiently resist the smudges- the 2 key factors that can significantly add to the user experience.

Under the hood the phone comes with a powerful duet of MediaTek Helios P60 processor + Mali-G72 GPU which can competently handle the utility features without performance lags. Multi-tasking to a great extent is smooth and swift except very occasional lags, especially when working with multiple heavy apps. On the gaming front the general games can be played without any issues but the high-intensity games cane experience some interruptions.

The phone packs a high efficiency 4230 mAh battery that lasts for 1.5 days with modest use.

 User Experience
Realme 3i has ColorOS 6.0 under the hood and the UI has been enriched with various value additions including smart assistant app drawer hat allows for gesture-based navigation. You could also love the driving mode that offers you an interruption free-riding by blocking the notifications. The smart assistant itself is a great asset as it can show the various key information and stats like weather information, app shortcuts, etc. For security the phone has a face unlock as all as fingerprint sensors and both of them are responsive. Earpiece volume and speaker output don’t give a reason to complain either. Irritating bloatware is another point that annoys the users. If that was not enough the company also packs Hot Apps and Hot Games that houses nothing more than advertised applications.


It has a Dewdrop display of 6.2” width with HD+ capacity that offers s a1520X720 PX. You would love uniformly impressive viewing experience regardless of the angles. However, it lacks the outdoor legibility and visual clarity in the sunlight. It also lacks sharpness.

The outdoor shots lacked the color saturation and taking macro shots during daylight is an uphill task without producing any impressive output. The low light photos are of mediocre quality as well. Even during the good light, the photos aren’t as great as what you get with other brands in the same price category. That said, the shots taken during sufficient light perform well on some specific aspects like detailing and sharpness. You would not complain the regarding Selfie quality either- if taken during daylight.


  • Appealing looks
  • Dependable performance
  • Quite long battery life


  • Unimpressive Display
  • Mediocre Camera
  • Annoying Bloatware


The phone sports a sophisticated design and the build material is fairly good. You won’t find any issues with the performance either. The routine tasks can be carried out quickly and easily. The display quality is average and camera performance is quite fine but not really impressive. The readers are advised to carefully weigh the pros and cons before buying the phone.


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