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Realme X review: Excellent camera, good performance and outstanding user experience

Realme X review: Excellent camera, good performance and outstanding user experience


Reamme X is a phone that comes with a good display, above-average media performance and some of the thoughtfully added user-friendly options. It is a mid-range model priced between 20,500 and 21,000 (or a bit more) depending upon the vendors or marketplaces from where you purchase. Just like its competitors, it is a mixed bag of pros and cons. So, before buying the phone it would be wise to check the thorough reviews and weigh the pros and cons before investing in this model. We have carefully included all the major points in this review that can help a great way of shaping your decision. Let us take a look:

The device has a fairly wide 6..53” AMOLED display with the latest Full HD+ capacity along with a 2340X1080 resolution which offers a perfectly sharp angle for enriched viewing experience.

Friendly color reproduction and notch-free display enrich the overall viewing experience with sharp and friendly contours. Streaming HD content in Amazon Prime Videos and Netflix isn’t possible though as it doesn’t have Widevine L1 support.

Behind the scenes it is powered by an octa-core Qualcomm 710 processor for a sharp performance. As for the capacity, it comes with a combo of 4GB RAM and 128 GN default storage. Multitasking doesn’t produce the choppy performance thanks to the highly competent combo of technology.

On the security front the phone sports an in-display fingerprint sensor, as well as a face, unlock option and both of them are highly responsive. However, the latter’s speed is affected a bit during insufficient light conditions.


Media Performance

Multiple sound modes cater to different tastes allowing a more personalized experience. The performance of Speakers and headphones is further refined by an advance Dolby Almost technology that is an always-on feature. The sound is crisp and clear for the most part.


User Experience

It is powered by ColorOS 6.0 and has thoughtfully added some of the user-friendly features including Diving mode, riding mode, gesture navigation, and Smart assistant. It certainly enriches the overall UI interface and offers better accessibility. An advanced technique prevents the phone from overheating even when working intensely for long. The phone excels not only while working with heavy apps but also during fairly long sessions of high-intensity games.

You just need to swipe down the home screen to enable search bar which is another friendly feature of the phone. Just like most of the other phones this model too comes loaded with bloatware which irritates the users.

You can deal with the annoying app notifications by the third party applications by simply deleting them. However, the company’s own apps also bombard you with repetitive notifications and the worse thing is that you can’t even delete them.


The 3765mAh battery offers average life which is a few hours short of the entire day during fair usage conditions. It comes with VOOC 3.0 flash charge technology. The good thing is that you don’t have to compromise with media or gaming as you can get an ideal battery life even while using these features modestly.


The phone sports a powerful rear camera of 48MP sensor while the recovery shot comes with 5MP resolution. For taking selfies you get a 16MP front camera.

The phone delivers an outstanding camera quality for stills and macro shots also come out fairly good albeit with a little struggle. The quick focus, color quality, and dynamic range are appreciable and your world also loves the details. If you still need to enrich the image qualities then you have a Croma Boost mode but its output quality may fluctuate depending upon image specifications.

In low light the phone fails to offer good performance and a quick comparison will show a distinct difference between the image quality of photos taken during daylight and the ones shot during the night. The presence of Nightscape mode doesn’t offer any relief either. It lacks the originality in visual appeal and one can easily discern that the images have been weakly edited!

The front camera is of good quality and you can expect some awesome selfies with good color quality and better details. The overall quality of portrait photos is quite good but the colors could have been more pronounced for a better visual impact.



  • Good Design definitions
  • Retina-friendly Display
  • Fairly good Performance


  • Mediocre camera performance in low light
  • Bloatware
  • Doesn’t support Widevine L1



The Realme X is a tastefully designed model with a good display quality thanks to the AMOLED display. Adding the HD streaming option would have further enhanced its appeal. The UI doesn’t give any reason to complain barring the bloatware which has become a common issue in the Smartphone industry. The camera has some hits and misses. During daylight the quality ranges from above-average to excellent depending upon the type of image and key factor like distance, angle, etc. In the low light, the quality takes the backseat and grainy images with a noisy background make them look quite unimpressive. That said if the price plays a decisive role in your purchase decision then this is the perfect phone for you.

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