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Tagg Sonic Angle Mini Bluetooth speaker – Affordable and appealing appealing speaker with a solid bass experience

Tagg Sonic Angle Mini Bluetooth speaker – Affordable and appealing appealing speaker with a solid bass experience

A quality product from Tagg, Sonic Angle Mini is a Bluetooth speaker with a fairly good performance and economical price. It is worth mentioning that the brand has also launched a feature-rich version with better hardware efficiency with the name Sonic Angle Max. As the name suggests the former is an economically priced portable version while the latter is a feature-rich version with better hardware efficiency. We will publish the review of Sonic Angle Max shortly. In this post we will review Sonic Angle Mini.

Design and User Experience 
One thing that distinguishes the Tagg Sonic Angle Mini from other low-priced speakers is its user-friendly smart design with the highly durable build quality. Its triangular shape is a fresh relief from the general rectangular designs and the sturdy material also acts as a solid luxury quotient.

Ports for all the controls like Bluetooth pairing button, volume modification and power button are positioned on the right side. The rubberized layer on the back panel perfectly cushions the device and plays a crucial role in overall designer appeal. It also conceals USB port and Aux cable port. Its water-resistance (up to 1 meter) claim is backed by the IPX7 rating. This lightweight speaker with unique design definition and sturdy material would be preferred by the buyers due to its friendly UI, high durability, water resistance feature and minimalist looks.

Sound Quality
The speaker wisely incorporates the friendly equation of design and technology to offer a solid bass experience- another major feature that distinguishes it from its peers in the same price bracket. Elaborating further, its solid combo of 6W speaker and an efficient bass radiator measuring 42X57 mm delivers a crystal clear sound while adding a huge volume to the bass- to precisely satisfy the taste of heavy bass lovers. The vibration, accent, and intensity rendered by the device further enrich the overall bass experience.

The device fails to deliver a good output when it comes to other genres and aspects. Lows are quite okay but high as well as mid disappoint fail to impress.

Connectivity and Power
As you might already have gauged it by the description the device can be paired with Bluetooth or through AUX cable. The range, as well as consistency, is fairly good and there aren’t any lags, fluctuations or interruptions and it allows for a swift listening experience. You can also use your Smartphone volume controls to adjust the volume levels of this device which adds to the user experience.

The device has a 2200mAh battery that can be charged in 2 hours and offers an 8 hours playback.

Price and availability
Priced reasonably at Rs.1299, the Bluetooth speaker is available easily on leading digital marketplaces like Amazon along with, of course, the company’s own website,

The Sonic Angle Mini is an efficient Bluetooth speaker with appealing design, friendly UI and durable material. It offers a solid bass quality to deliver an outstanding bass experience. However, it lacks the appeal when it comes to acoustic genre.

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