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Logic3 Ferrari Cavallino T150 earphones: Luxurious earphones for the Ferrari fans


If you are an ardent Ferrari fan and a music lover then you would be delighted to know that the Logic3 Ferrari Cavallino T150 earphones offer you high-quality earphones with the premium design features that is inspired by Ferrari. Let us check the complete review including design, display, and performance and user experience:

Design and Build Quality
This lightweight device stands out due to its awesome design definition and high build quality.

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5 best external microphones for your smartphones

Audio quality plays a vital role in recording videos and it becomes all the more important if you wish to start your vlog, run podcasts or publish video interviews. No audience would appreciate a video with choppy audio or lots of background noise. So, many times it becomes necessary to use the external mic to enrich the audio quality. With so many options available in the market it is very easy to get confused. That is why we have carefully compiled this list of best external mics that you can use with your Smartphone to enjoy a premium audio quality:


Rode SmartLavPlus Lavalier Microphone
Rode SmartLavPlus doesn’t come cheap but it offers a great value for its price tag.

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Protect your phone’s screen with these powerful screen protectors

The screen is the most important part of any phone and it is among the costliest parts. Especially if you are using a premium quality branded phone then buying a new screen could be a very expensive affair. Thus it is very important to protect it from damages, stains, and smudges. The best way to protect your phone’s screen is to use a good quality Screen Protector. To help you make the right choice, we have compiled a list of 5 best screen protectors for your Smartphone.

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Digitek DBE-021 Bluetooth Stereo Earphone: A great experience at affordable prices

Digitek has introduced DBE-021 Bluetooth Stereo Earphone, an affordable yet fairly good Bluetooth stereo earphone with the name. It is based on A2DP/AVRCR technology that enables it to produce superior stereo sound quality for a premium experience. It is available in both physical and digital stores and comes at an inviting price tag of Rs.799

Design and User Experience
The device ranks well in both design and user experience. The functionality is smooth and swift and it really excels when it comes to the activities with high intensity like heavy workouts brisk walking or running and other demanding activities.

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Make your smartphone even smarter with these 5 exotic accessories

The modern smartphones come loaded with excellent functionalities and capacities and it has made the shoppers expect even more advanced features. However, no Smartphone manufacturer can squeeze all the functionalities into a single phone. Apps can add several features to your phone but certain features require hardware- like better zoom. Thankfully there are specific accessories that can help you add more efficiency and additional functionality to your smartphones. In this blog we are going to present 5 such awesome accessories:


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Noise Shots X-Buds Review- Reasonably good earbuds at fair prices

Due to the convenience and user-friendly experience, the earbuds are experiencing a wide popularity. Noise Shots X-Buds is one of the latest earbuds model that has been recently launced in the market. These buds are available in an alluring solid matte black finish and are available at a price tag of Rs.3,999 which quite economical for its product category as well as the quality and feature it packs.


The earbuds come in a minimalist basic design that concentrates more on comfortable use and sophisticated look rather than overtly stylish appearance.

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5 Accessories that every serious smartphone user must invest in




During recent years, smartphones have evolved significantly and have added several sophisticated features that have elevated their appeal as a feature-rich gadget that can be used for camera, video recording, creating documents and various other tasks. With the help of some additional accessories you can further enhance the value-added appeal of your smartphone. Here are a few of them worth investing in

 Monopod, Selfie Stick, Portrait, Selfie

Selfie Stick

Selfies is ubiquitous across the globe but taking a good selfie is not as easy as it might sound to be,

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Best accessories to take your smartphone gaming experience to the next level


If you are a confirmed gaming fan who loves to spend hours playing the latest games on your smartphone then this blog can allow you to take your gaming experience to the next level. We are going to describe some of the exclusive gaming accessories that can help you enjoy the most needed physical convenience and better motoring skills to add more fun to your smartphone games with better controls:

Image result for Bluetooth Gaming Joystick

Bluetooth Gaming Joystick
If you wish to enjoy the almost same experience and control offered by gaming console then you must go for a Bluetooth Gaming Joystick.

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Enjoy best camera output from your Smartphone with these accessories

If you wish to enjoy a rich photography experience with better maneuverability on your average Smartphone then it makes a sense to invest in some extra gears and purpose-built accessories. In this blog, we are going to discuss some of the best accessories and add-ons that will allow you to enhance the photo quality of your Smartphone and enjoying an outstanding output:

 Image source: 

Moment Anamorphic Lens
The small lens size can restrict you from capturing maximum details.

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Syska brings high quality wireless Earphone for Indian shoppers

Syska has recently brought designer, high capacity wireless Earphone for the Indian market that offers a uniform quality experience with multiple devices right from smartphones to music players.

These earphones offer sophisticated HD sound and offer a super battery life with a fast-charging provision. Within 2 hours they can be charged to provide an unaltered experience ranging for as long as 4.5 hours that is rare for its price bracket and with the sophisticated quality that it offers.

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