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Apple had launched its iPhone SE 2020 last month with a starting price of Rs. 42,500 in India. But there was no word on the availability of the device in India. Now a Flipkart listing has confirmed that Apple iPhone SE 2020 sale will start in India from May 20 via Flipkart at 12PM. Notably, HDFC Bank recently announced a instant discount offer that brings the effective price of the iPhone SE (2020) 64GB variant down to Rs.

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Apple and Google are teaming up to allow contact tracing on many of the world’s smartphones. Apple and Google have announced a joint effort for tracking the spread of corona-virus in what could potentially be a huge step forward in fighting the global pandemic. The partnership, which the companies announced today, will allow an estimated 3 billion people to opt in to location tracking through Bluetooth on their smartphones for the purposes of combating the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Personalize your Apple Watch Experience with these awesome accessories

Apple Watch has a distinct appeal and promise a premium experience on multiple aspects right from looks to quality and functionality. Besides, there are a number of products from Apple and other manufacturers that further allows you to personalize the way you interact with Apple Watch. Investing in Apple watch specific accessories would also help you to enjoy more convenience and accentuate the luxury quotient. The best things are that you don’t have to spend a fortune to possess these accessories.

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Android Vs. iOS: Who is the ultimate winner?

Android and iOS have a dedicated community of fans and followers. Each one is designed specifically to deliver the best experience to their fans. So comparing both of them would be interesting and that is what we are going to do in this blog. Hope you would enjoy reading it and it will also help you to decide whether you should continue using the Android or upgrade to iOS:

Apple phones are famous for their exclusive features and it is reflected in their prices as well.

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How to buy iPhone at more economical prices?

iPhone commands an air of exclusivity due to its luxurious looks, high-end built quality, friendly UI and enhanced security. The only limiting factor is the price. Apple iPhones are very expensive and possessing one would require you to pay a significant amount which is not possible for all. So, if you want to buy an iPhone but are restricted by the budget constraints then you have landed on the right page. In this guide we will offer you some practical tips to buy an iPhone at much lower costs:

Go for lower RAM and modest capacity
The iPhones with high capacity and more features tend to be very expensive.

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iPhone 11 Pro Max- The expensive phone with exclusive features

Apple is known for introducing luxurious models with innovative features and iPhone 11 Pro Max takes the experience to the next level. This huge (not just big) OLED screen phone assures excellent user experience with its exceptional speed, reliable performance, awesome media capabilities, and enviable battery life. As the name suggests the phone is available at an exclusive price but the features it provides perfectly justifies the price tag.

Design and colors
The phone has a well-toned body with high-quality build material that renders a solid classic personality to the model.

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Now get your sick and damaged iPhone revived at independent mobile repairing shops

Apple isn’t known for its friendly attitude towards independent mobile repair mechanics who wish to repair the iPhone or replace the broken parts. However, if the recent decisions by Apple can be regarded as a clue it seems that the things are changing for better. The recent official announcement by the company to provide a decent iPhone repairing support to the local repairing shop has come as a welcome relief for these local repairing shop.

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   Now it is easier to get original Apple products for your damaged iPhone from independent mobile repairing centers

Most of the phone users prefer to get their phone repaired by the Apple store as they are suspicious that the lack of easy availability of genuine iPhone parts might force the independent mobile repair shops to use fake parts of lower quality. 


More mobile shops are permitted to get original iPhone parts

Many iPhone users tend to send their spoiled iPhones to Apple stress due to the lack of original parts.

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Alleged renders of iPhone XR 2019 has surfaced online. PriceBaba in association with OnLeaks, which is quite accurate with the leak, has published CAD-based renders and a 360-degree video of what the handset will look like.

Looking at the renders, Apple’s upcoming ‘affordable’ smartphone looks the same as the current iPhone XR for the most part. However, there’s a camera bump on the glass back panel of the handset that you can’t just take your eyes off.

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Apple Airpods are the mostly used truly wireless headphones in the world. Though, when the company did finally unveil the AirPods they were met with plenty of criticism. Not for how they worked, mind you, but the knee-jerk reactions were primarily aimed around how they looked.

AirPods are the truly wireless headphones I see out in the wild. I’ve never seen any other alternatives. I have tried switching from Airpods to other wireless headphones by attracting towards there design but ended up settling on Airpods. 

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