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Google Duo, the video calling app has now added support for 12 persons in a single group call. The development comes at a time when several countries have imposed lockdown amid coronavirus outbreak.

Acknowledging the importance of group calling in the current situation, Sanaz Ahari, Sr. Director of Product and Design at Google says that the feature will be in effect from today itself. With people staying home in order to flatten the coronavirus curve,

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Xiaomi soon to roll out Mi Credit Services

Mi Credit, a digital platform for personal loans is set to be launched on December 3, 2019.

This service is introduced by the popular mobile brand Xiaomi and it will allow users to easily and instantly take loans without going through unnecessary documentation. Loan repayment is equally easy and hassle-free and there is a friendly EMI option to repay the loan with a flexible period between 3 and 12 months.

Though there isn’t any confirmed news by the company,

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5 best and proven security apps to save your android phone from malware


With the increasing number of mobile security threats it has become vitally important to safeguard your mobile against malware. The malicious elements can inject viruses and other types of malware to misuse your identity for initiating fake communication or extracting your sensitive information. In one of our previous blogs, we discussed the best practices to safeguard your crucial data and messages. In this blog we would present some of the best security apps that would protect your mobile against activities of such malicious elements,

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The quick and compact list of apps to make your festive season more rewarding

As we are ready to enter the new year, there are more than one reason to celebrate. The Christmas is around the corner and after that the new year would follow. You can also expect some holidays to enjoy the best moments with your friends and families. You would be busy with different preparations and your true companion- the smartphone can actively help you to make this season al the more rewarding by making things easier with its friendly apps that will allow you to send personalized greeting cards,

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Think before you click! Latest unearthed mobile hack attempts with one click execution

Mobile has been used by the different sections of the society due to its strong capabilities, versatile approach and wide ranging usage. While it has added convenience to the modern life, the wide popularity of mobile has also attracted the attention of malicious hackers to steal and misuse vital information of a user. The scope and extent of such hackers was suggested by one of the recent incident in Tibet:

Exploiting vulnerabilities in mobiles of upper crust of Tibetan society
In one of the shocking revelations it was found that the Tibetan residents from the upper crust of the society were victimized by what can be called the most advanced attack that used trusted apps like Facebook chat and Whatsapp messenger as its unsuspicious carriers.

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7 popular android apps that you should never ever download (and why?)

Android phones have emerged as one of the widely popular handsets due to their versatility, capabilities and different prices/features to attract different sections of the society. One of the major attractions of Android, as well as other smartphones, is the ability to download apps for diverse purposes right from paying bills to create an impressive image album or streaming the media files. Users have become smart enough to download only the play store certified apps.

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Take charge of your financial management with these 5 free and awesome money apps

Finance management could be a tough task for many people and estimating total monthly expenses or budget planning could be a daunting task for them. Such people can now use friendly mobile apps to confidently manage their financial affairs without going through mathematical calculations or manually maintaining the detailed expenditure records. In this blog we are going to discuss some useful apps to meet the specific needs and different objectives of the people:


Good Budget
If you are looking of a simple app without overwhelming options then Good budget could be the best option for you.

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Workplace chat apps: Productivity booster or just a nuisance? (With tips and precautions)

Communication plays a vital role in workplaces. Healthy and uninterrupted communication helps in building a good rapport among the team members and results in smooth team coordination that positively influence the work quality. The use of workplace communication apps have helped in improving the workplace communication. However, people are still divided on the relevance of these apps and many people think them to be a nuisance rather than a help. In this blog we arguing to discuss the issue with unbiased outlook to present the actual picture and help you decide whether these apps are a nuisance or help:


Advantages of Workplace apps
We will start by discussing the various advantages offered by workplace apps that help the business to grow:

Promotes accessibility and transparency
With the help of communication apps the top management layer and even CEOs have become more accessible to the junior or new executives which are a really good thing.

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5 awesome things you can do with your Paytm today

Paytm is one of the most widely used payment apps of India and it offers several advantages. However, many users are still unaware of the real capabilities of Paytm due to the limited knowledge about the app. We re going to present a carefully compiled of the unique functions and hidden capacities of Paytm that can significantly enrich your experience:


A new way to pay through Paytm QR code 

Have you ever wondered how you could pay someone through Paytm QR Codes if there is no way to physically scan them?

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Top 6 Indian mobile wallet companies with their brief profiles

Payment apps are the best ways to quickly pay your bills and carry out other transactions without using physical cash or going through an inconvenient bank account transfer process. All you have to do is to use your mobile and with a few taps, you can quickly pay the bills. The use of payment apps experienced a great surge especially during the time of demonetization that encourages even the small-time offline vendors and grocery stores to start accepting digital payments.

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