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Best smartphones to buy under Rs.8,000 in 2020


The ever-increasing popularity of smartphones has resulted in heavy competition and today you can get some excellent models at the unbelievably low prices. However, you need to be cautious while choosing the right phone for you as you would certainly not like to buy a phone that looks great on paper but fails to perform in real life. So we have prepared a list of best smartphones under Rs.7, 000 that offers you a good overall experience:

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Xiaomi Redmi 7A
The 5.45” screen display has HD+ quality which is fairly good but at times it may feel a bit dim.

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Protect your phone’s screen with these powerful screen protectors

The screen is the most important part of any phone and it is among the costliest parts. Especially if you are using a premium quality branded phone then buying a new screen could be a very expensive affair. Thus it is very important to protect it from damages, stains, and smudges. The best way to protect your phone’s screen is to use a good quality Screen Protector. To help you make the right choice, we have compiled a list of 5 best screen protectors for your Smartphone.

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Enjoy best mobile experience with these awesome small screen mobiles

It is true that the large screen phones look awesome and offer a great media and gaming experience but these phones aren’t easy to maneuver and single-hand use is next to impossible. Besides, not everyone is comfortable using such big phones. On the other hand, Smartphone with small screens has multiple benefits. They can easily be contained in your pocket and it is not difficult to find a room for these phones owning to their relatively smaller size.

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The present era mobile phones come with powerful capabilities and multiple user-friendly features that make them a reliable partner for various business activities like taking and sharing product photos, document sharing, working on a spreadsheet and even real-time team collaboration. However, such business-friendly phones don’t come cheap and you need to makes sure that the phone that you invest in should offer the best value for the amount you spend on it. In this article,

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5 best feature rich phones that are available in sub 10,000 category

The increasing popularity of smartphones has made them really affordable and you don’t even have to compromise much with the features for the sake of affordability. In fact today it is possible to pocket a fine looking phone with dual, triple and even quad cameras with FHD+ display and excellent processor within Rs.10, 000. The real question, however, is how to choose the right model for your purpose. So, we have carefully compiled this list of 5 best smartphones within 10,000 price mark that will help you to purchase an affordable phone that perfectly caters to your tastes and requirement without restricting your experience:

Redmi Y3
Powered by a solid Snapdragon 632 SoC the Redmi Y3 is among the most sophisticated phones in sub 10,000 range for a fairly rich media and gaming experience.

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5 top phone models with fast charging capacity

A good battery life is vitally important to get the best out of your phone. You would certainly not like to have your exciting PUBG experience interrupted or not being able to capture your awesome outdoor picnic moments due to low battery. One of the best ways to ensure a good battery experience is the fast charging capacity that can quickly juice up your fully drained out battery. In this blog we are going to present some of the top brands that offer a fine combo of excellent features plus a fast charging:


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6 best ways to get lucky during flash sales

Flash sales are the preferable way for the top-selling brands that launch a limited inventory. Their flash sales are highly awaited and in a matter of minutes, the entire inventory is sold out. Flash sales are also seen as a marketing gimmick by many. However, what concerns you the most is how to get lucky while chasing your favorite model at flash sales. In this guide, we are going to present the handy and practical tips that can help you to successfully close the deal during flash sales


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Best accessories to take your smartphone gaming experience to the next level


If you are a confirmed gaming fan who loves to spend hours playing the latest games on your smartphone then this blog can allow you to take your gaming experience to the next level. We are going to describe some of the exclusive gaming accessories that can help you enjoy the most needed physical convenience and better motoring skills to add more fun to your smartphone games with better controls:

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Bluetooth Gaming Joystick
If you wish to enjoy the almost same experience and control offered by gaming console then you must go for a Bluetooth Gaming Joystick.

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Looking for uninterrupted net performance? Here are 5 best phones for you

Several years ago, using phones for net connectivity used to be an expensive affair and frequent interruptions were not uncommon. However, thanks to the 4th generation technology, popularly known as 4G, the speed has become 10X faster than its predecessor 3Gtechnology- that is a big leap ahead. Along with ensuring a blazing fast speed on your device it also helps you to get the decent fast speed on other net-enabled devices that run on your data connection through Hotspot,

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5 Phone with best screen features and size for better display quality

The screen display, size, and resolution play a key role in defining the overall visual experience of your phone. Whether you want to enjoy the awesome images or need to have a retina-friendly experience while working with different applications, the screen display is the prime thing to be considered. Let us know about some of the mobile phones that offer a reliable screen display with the best resolution, sharp image features and expanded screen size for better viewability:


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