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Best accessories to take your smartphone gaming experience to the next level


If you are a confirmed gaming fan who loves to spend hours playing the latest games on your smartphone then this blog can allow you to take your gaming experience to the next level. We are going to describe some of the exclusive gaming accessories that can help you enjoy the most needed physical convenience and better motoring skills to add more fun to your smartphone games with better controls:

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Bluetooth Gaming Joystick
If you wish to enjoy the almost same experience and control offered by gaming console then you must go for a Bluetooth Gaming Joystick.

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Looking for uninterrupted net performance? Here are 5 best phones for you

Several years ago, using phones for net connectivity used to be an expensive affair and frequent interruptions were not uncommon. However, thanks to the 4th generation technology, popularly known as 4G, the speed has become 10X faster than its predecessor 3Gtechnology- that is a big leap ahead. Along with ensuring a blazing fast speed on your device it also helps you to get the decent fast speed on other net-enabled devices that run on your data connection through Hotspot,

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5 Phone with best screen features and size for better display quality

The screen display, size, and resolution play a key role in defining the overall visual experience of your phone. Whether you want to enjoy the awesome images or need to have a retina-friendly experience while working with different applications, the screen display is the prime thing to be considered. Let us know about some of the mobile phones that offer a reliable screen display with the best resolution, sharp image features and expanded screen size for better viewability:


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5 strong alternatives of Redmi Note 5 Pro

Redmi Note 5 Pro comes with exotic design and unmatched performance and following the tradition of Xiaomi traditions, it is available at a reasonable price tag. The frequent offers further makes the deal sweeter for the customers but the heavy sales also mean the frequent unavailability of stock. It could be somewhat difficult to find the right alternative of 5 Pro in case if the model is unavailable in the market. We have made the task easier for you by compiling a list of the most reliable alternatives of Redmi Note 5 Pro.

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5 key qualities that a good camera smartphone must have

The new age smartphones with extra powerful cameras promise to deliver a unique photography experience and are appreciated by amateur and advanced photographers as well. As most of the phones claim to offer the unique camera experience picking the right phone could be a tough task. The things could be easier for you if you first create a checklist of the most important features that your new smartphone must-have. In this post, we are going to share the top 5 qualities that any good camera smartphone should have.

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Galaxy M30s- Great Performance & extreme battery life but average cameras

Galaxy M30s is among the Samsung models that were introduced this year. The phone is loaded with some excellent features. Starting at Rs.13,999 it isn’t cheap but the price is reasonable.

The phone comes loaded with powerful capabilities and some user-friendly features. Advanced camera options and a strong battery also act as the major selling points. However, like every phone, it has its shares of pros and cons. So, let us present a detailed review of the phone and dive deeper into key features to see whether or not it is the right phone to gift yourself or your loved ones on this festive season.

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Lost your phone in public place? Immediately do these things (without fail)

While mobiles phones have made our lives convenient, they also come with some key security risks. We save sensitive data including our payment information, payment apps, email IDs, a saved password for quick access, cloud-based files and a massive amount of other data. While all these things make our life easier, we are at greater risk if we happen to lose our mobile in the public place, public transport, cab or any other place from where it can easily be stolen.

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5 unique ways to boost the usability of your old android device


The old models of Android with quite basic features may seem somehow outdated in this era of new-age flashy phones. Especially if you are a mobile buff then chances are that you are frequently irritated by the limitations of your old android phone. It is true that your old android devices are not as flashy as the modern entrants of the market. However, it might not be as bland as you believe it to be.

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Take charge of your financial management with these 5 free and awesome money apps

Finance management could be a tough task for many people and estimating total monthly expenses or budget planning could be a daunting task for them. Such people can now use friendly mobile apps to confidently manage their financial affairs without going through mathematical calculations or manually maintaining the detailed expenditure records. In this blog we are going to discuss some useful apps to meet the specific needs and different objectives of the people:


Good Budget
If you are looking of a simple app without overwhelming options then Good budget could be the best option for you.

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Workplace chat apps: Productivity booster or just a nuisance? (With tips and precautions)

Communication plays a vital role in workplaces. Healthy and uninterrupted communication helps in building a good rapport among the team members and results in smooth team coordination that positively influence the work quality. The use of workplace communication apps have helped in improving the workplace communication. However, people are still divided on the relevance of these apps and many people think them to be a nuisance rather than a help. In this blog we arguing to discuss the issue with unbiased outlook to present the actual picture and help you decide whether these apps are a nuisance or help:


Advantages of Workplace apps
We will start by discussing the various advantages offered by workplace apps that help the business to grow:

Promotes accessibility and transparency
With the help of communication apps the top management layer and even CEOs have become more accessible to the junior or new executives which are a really good thing.

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