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Top 5 limited edition phones with distinct personalities

The limited-edition phone models assure an exclusive appeal and leverage the overall store of the product. It seems pretty exciting to now that you are among the few premium shoppers in the world who possess a specific model. The phone companies also make sure to offer an exotic, customized look and feel to their limited edition models. Though they are available at the rocket high prices and need premium care, the charm exuded by limited edition mobiles is simply unmatched.

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Top 5 phones for premium gaming experience

The joy of playing games on your smartphones is simply unmatched and the latest smartphones with robust features and special built deliver almost the same classic experience and thrill that you get while playing on dedicated gaming consoles. We have carefully picked up some of the best phones with larger screens, robust processor and superior extra effects (vibration, sound, etc.) to deliver you intensive and immersive gaming experience. Here are our top 5 picks

Nubia Red Magic 3
The Red Magic 3 is another phone that is capable of delivering a decent gaming experience and allows the users to enjoy the maximum potential of the games.

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Top 5 phones you should buy this festive season


The festive season has just started and this is the high time to think seriously about investing in a good mobile phone with some luxurious appeal. There are a number of exclusive models available in the market and making the right choice could be a difficult task. We have made the things easier for you by carefully compiling a list of the top 5 phones that you can buy without breaking a bank:


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6 most stunning phones with unique features



The phones are not just a utility item anymore. They have acquired a distinct status and many enthusiasts just love to collect the different phones due to their unique features and designs. Let us know about some of the most unique phones that would certainly add a premium appeal to your overall persona:


Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The screen of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 isn’t just big.

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5 most expensive phones of the world that can only be afforded by super-rich

Mobile has become a common utility across the globe but at one point of time, it was counted as a piece of luxury that was also used as a status symbol. Sporting a mobile phone was a way to flaunt your distinct status. Did you know that the mobile phone can still be used by the super-rich to exhibit their riches? Yes, there are luxurious mobile phones that can only be afforded by a handful of super-rich people in the world.

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