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Motorola One Macro: Complete unbiased review with maximum details

Motorola One Macro is one of the latest mobile phones offered by Motorola in its Motorola One series. The phone is affordably priced and the brand is using the Macro camera as its marketing USP. But is the phone worth investing? Of course, the price tag looks inviting but what about the practical experience? In this unbiased detailed review, we have touched various aspects of the phone that build the user experience like power, UI,

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Vivo Z1X: Is it the phone that really delivers premier experience?

Last month Vivo introduced the Vivo Z1X model in the Indian mobile market that is a decent phone with some great features available at an affordable under 20,000 categories. The model is an evolution of Vivo Z1Pro and boasts of superior features for a better look and performance. But is the phone worth the price? How far would it be able to impress the users? Let’s find out in this complete unbiased review :


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Now get your sick and damaged iPhone revived at independent mobile repairing shops

Apple isn’t known for its friendly attitude towards independent mobile repair mechanics who wish to repair the iPhone or replace the broken parts. However, if the recent decisions by Apple can be regarded as a clue it seems that the things are changing for better. The recent official announcement by the company to provide a decent iPhone repairing support to the local repairing shop has come as a welcome relief for these local repairing shop.

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Baseus Chinese Mobile accessory brand enters Indian market

Baseus world has entered the Indian mobile market and offers. The company has unleashed a diverse array of accessories in the Indian mobile market.

USPs of Baseus
One of the major USPs of this product range is the fine balance between comfort and design. For instance, its specially designed Encok S17 sports earphone are specifically designed in such a way that majority of people can comfortably wear it for long hours regardless of the size or shape of their ear/earlobes.

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   Now it is easier to get original Apple products for your damaged iPhone from independent mobile repairing centers

Most of the phone users prefer to get their phone repaired by the Apple store as they are suspicious that the lack of easy availability of genuine iPhone parts might force the independent mobile repair shops to use fake parts of lower quality. 


More mobile shops are permitted to get original iPhone parts

Many iPhone users tend to send their spoiled iPhones to Apple stress due to the lack of original parts.

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Launch Leaks: Motorola One Zoom expected soon in India- Here’s full review

Motorola recently introduced its new model Motorola one Zoom. Just like other members of its “One” family the latest model, Motorola One Zoom also caters to the niche phone buyers with specific demands.

Launching in India
Motorola One Zoom is strongly expected to be launched in India before the year ends- most probably by the month of October. There is even a buzz in the mobile industry that the company might officially launch it in its upcoming company event that is reportedly scheduled on 18th September 2019.

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Sony Xperia 20 Here is what you should know


Sony is soon going to launch a new Smartphone that would be named Sony Xperia20. While the phone is not yet been launched officially, we do have some experts’ predictions regarding its features and expected user experience. Here we are sharing some of the expected specifications of Xperia20 as per the experts’ predictions.


Key features weight and dimensions

As for the key features,

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Made in India Mobile phones: Are they really performing their best?

During the recent years, the number of smartphone users in India has been multiplying at a very fast rate making it one of the biggest markets for smartphones. Besides, the new government’s endeavors to encourage the Indian brands and businesses to manufacture products in India as also played a vital role in increasing the number of Make in India Phones. It has also attracted the pioneer phone manufacturing technology brands to look at India as the best place to start their operations.

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5 most expensive phones of the world that can only be afforded by super-rich

Mobile has become a common utility across the globe but at one point of time, it was counted as a piece of luxury that was also used as a status symbol. Sporting a mobile phone was a way to flaunt your distinct status. Did you know that the mobile phone can still be used by the super-rich to exhibit their riches? Yes, there are luxurious mobile phones that can only be afforded by a handful of super-rich people in the world.

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New Launches: Nubia Z20 flagship smartphone to launched this month



Nubia Z20, the latest Smartphone model of Nubia promises to take the Smartphone experience to the new level by offering premium functionality, exquisite design and a better user experience.Nubia is a Chinese smartphone manufacturer with a solid reputation.

Presently the phone is available in China but it will still take one more month before it hits the international market.

Specifications- Storage,

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