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OnePlus 7T & OnePlus 7T Pro phones are now receiving a new update in India, and the updates bring not only the March 2020 Android security patch but also improvements to the slow-motion video feature inside the Camera app. The OTA rollout for both the OnePlus 7T and OnePlus 7T Pro phones is incremental in nature. This means that the OTA update will reach a small percentage of users initially, and a broader rollout will begin in a few days,

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5 best and proven security apps to save your android phone from malware


With the increasing number of mobile security threats it has become vitally important to safeguard your mobile against malware. The malicious elements can inject viruses and other types of malware to misuse your identity for initiating fake communication or extracting your sensitive information. In one of our previous blogs, we discussed the best practices to safeguard your crucial data and messages. In this blog we would present some of the best security apps that would protect your mobile against activities of such malicious elements,

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Unthinkable ways in which your WhatsApp can be hacked


The recent news on the Whatsapp spying incident has alarmed the Indian users. It has also put a question mark on the the app’s capability of safeguarding the users’ privacy and messages. In this blog, we are going to bust some more myths about WhatsApp safety and also offer some health advice on how to safeguard your sensitive data:


Today several apps make it easy to spy on your mobile,

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Best practices to safeguard your smartphone against damages

The mobile phones are extensively used gadgets that also makes it prone to rough and tough usage. While it is not always possible to offer utmost care to your mobile, you certainly need to be reasonably cautious to enjoy the best value and high durability. In this blog, we are going to discuss some of the most important tips to protect your phone from damages:

Using a good mobile case
A good quality mobile case can play a vital role in protecting it against breakage or scratches.

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Lost your phone in public place? Immediately do these things (without fail)

While mobiles phones have made our lives convenient, they also come with some key security risks. We save sensitive data including our payment information, payment apps, email IDs, a saved password for quick access, cloud-based files and a massive amount of other data. While all these things make our life easier, we are at greater risk if we happen to lose our mobile in the public place, public transport, cab or any other place from where it can easily be stolen.

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Think before you click! Latest unearthed mobile hack attempts with one click execution

Mobile has been used by the different sections of the society due to its strong capabilities, versatile approach and wide ranging usage. While it has added convenience to the modern life, the wide popularity of mobile has also attracted the attention of malicious hackers to steal and misuse vital information of a user. The scope and extent of such hackers was suggested by one of the recent incident in Tibet:

Exploiting vulnerabilities in mobiles of upper crust of Tibetan society
In one of the shocking revelations it was found that the Tibetan residents from the upper crust of the society were victimized by what can be called the most advanced attack that used trusted apps like Facebook chat and Whatsapp messenger as its unsuspicious carriers.

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7 popular android apps that you should never ever download (and why?)

Android phones have emerged as one of the widely popular handsets due to their versatility, capabilities and different prices/features to attract different sections of the society. One of the major attractions of Android, as well as other smartphones, is the ability to download apps for diverse purposes right from paying bills to create an impressive image album or streaming the media files. Users have become smart enough to download only the play store certified apps.

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Data Privacy Hazard: How to stop hackers and apps from snatching your private data from your phone


Data has been rightly dubbed as the new gold of the digital era. In fact there is a huge amount of highly precious data residing on arioso devices like laptops and mobile phones The frequent and widely popular use of payment apps and could based storage has made your phone more attractive target for the sinister hackers who can hack your iPhone, steal the information and use it to wipe your bank account or sell your sensitive business information to the competitors.

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Is your phone hacked? How to verify and what to do next

Hacking has turned into an unethical, albeit well-organized business and many hackers have even started hiring the salaried professionals to help them with their expert hacking skills. Hence, you need to be very careful while using your mobile phones as you would certainly not like to be a victim of a hidden malware that quietly steals your sensitive data and sends it to the hackers who would like to misuse it for their vested interests.

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Is Google Play Store safe (Unbiased review with data)

The Google Playstore verification is generally perceived by many phone users to be the best reason to fully trust any app without vetting its credentials. However, the recent incidents show that even the apps verified by Google play store could contain malware and other viruses. It raises a question- Is Google Playstore safe? In this blog we’re going to present unbiased and detailed information on the same:

Some Disturbing Data

The BankBot Android banking Trojan has already infected at least 132 apps in the Google PlayStore and it can quickly steal the most sensitive information from diverse aps icluding the top names like WhatsApp and Facebook.

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